Toxicandra vs cKadilen

So I’ve been blessed lately with good pulls, especially green. I was planning on ascending cKadilen next but I just got Toxicandra. My tank is Heimdall (+20) so neither would be in my defense in the near future.

Fully ascended 5* greens: Evelyn+20, Margaret+19, Lianna, Heimdall+20

Waiting at 3/70: Kadilen, Mother North, LotL, Bertila, Zocc

After testing Toxicandra at tier 1 I’m already impressed. The mana boost is great for slow and average heroes, like Krampus and thus allows me to be firing more often.

Thoughts? And thank you in advance for any input!

Other ascended 5*: GM, Zimkitha, Aegir, Richard, Glenda, Magni, Joon, Anzogh, Thor, Krampus, Bai Yeong, Victor, Mitsuko, Sartana, Boss Wolf, Domitia, Leonidas, Marjana and Noor

First to ascend
  • Toxicandra
  • cKadilen
  • Other

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I also forgot Vivica who I would probably strip of emblems to give to Toxicandra (Kadilen is my only 5* costume BTW)

See a lot of threads and posts where players praise costumed Kadilen. She is the only costumed hero with a nerf request thread here in the community forum.


Hard to beat a cleansing healer on fast Mana.

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Thanks for all the votes so far. My take away at this point is I can’t make a bad choice, both are good. I’ll take Toxicandra to 3/70 and see what she is like and what happens to the leaderboards. We know cKadilen makes the top teams on defense, but Toxicandra is too new to know.

From using her in the world map I think she is going to easily be the best healer of the game for a while and may be extremely har to beat in raids due to constant cleansing and the mana she provides is I think her best ability.


Ascended Kadilen since she isn’t that good at 3/70, but Toxicandra is. With Heimdall it was hard to justify selecting a healer first. Hurt though as Toxicandra is more fun by far

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