Toxicandra got nerfed? (Bugs: Description on skill written inconsistent) - Solved V41

Just noticed the description on Toxicandra’s special skill was changed from “all allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana” to “all allies regenerate a small amount of mana”. Looked through all the recent release notes, but did not find anything indicating intent to change that card in any way. Did I miss something?

Is this a bug, a conscious change, did I miss a news update?


Ummm… Wtf

You’re right; didn’t even catch that til you brought it up :face_with_monocle:

I hope this is accidental, or else that’s incredibly disappointing :no_mouth:





According to SG logic, small = moderate. Make of that what you will :pinching_hand: :wink: :joy:

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the card got changed, but does anyone who plays with her notice any impact on gameplay? do heroes still charge with the “small” amount of mana as expected?

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Silent nerf :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hope is not true, not after they destroy Vela and Telluria !

I wonder, how much difference there is between “small” and “moderate” mana gain? :face_with_monocle:

@rho is right; see:

Alby is seeing the same issue.

This is very strange…

Found this:

So 50% decrease; quite a change. Although, I still haven’t tested whether or not this is just a visual bug or something worse.


Wow this silent nerf sure was pretty subtle…
I hope it’s a mistake else it really sucks

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Not that because I don’t have Toxicandra, but I do have Alberich highly emblemed and his mana regeneration over time is nerfed from moderate to small.

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Can you check on this please. Thanks.


Even Gramps is nerfed. Either SG logic small = moderate, or they basically silently nerfed all mana generators from moderate to small.

Maybe SG should rename themselves Moderate Giant. :roll_eyes:

But yeah if this is a true silent nerf, it’s probably the dirtiest, most backhanded thing MG has done since Velluria.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I know it’s easier said than done, but let’s try to wait and see on how this plays out? :sweat_smile:

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And that’s only one of the reasons why I think that chasing any 5* hero is a very bad idea.

Aren’t they obliged to put all game changes into updates info post??

Might be only a wording change, but someone should compare…

No, stuff can be changed at any time but normally it’s mentioned.

This might be a streamlining decision - sometimes things are changed to standardise an effect. Maybe Toxicandra had an usual mana gain amount and they have changed it in line with similar heroes?

Here’s Fenrir, who can gain a moderate or small amount of mana just out of interest.


Also, if moderate is being nerfed to small… should the moderators be worried??


Jonah the Small? Jonah the Mini-Bard? Second one has a kind of ring to it. Appropriate when you want to play the world’s smallest violin.

And, at least partially on topic, I want to be the first to dub this issue Managate.


Iv gonna say its a reword.
The past hotm have the elemental link which gives a “small” amount of mana if it’s the same amount as toxicandra gives back then its not a “moderate” amount. As moderate is more right like in fenir card gets more for hero’s then minions.

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Do you feel smaller? Or just rephrased? :thinking:

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