🦹‍♂ Toxicandra – 5* Nature/ Green from League of Villains

I get what you are saying, but I’m not sure you get what I am saying. My point was sometimes Toxicandra charges immediately after 6 tiles (end of the turn I ghost 6 tiles) and sometimes the turn after she gets 6 tiles (end of the next turn after ghosting tiles), so this has nothing to do with any other hero except Toxicandra or other mana speeds. What I think happened though is that I was incorrectly remembering that it isn’t the turn that the tiles are used, it is the end of the next turn. So cast+get 6 tiles+end of that turn+end of the next turn and then she is recharged. So, in a way, she is 1 turn slower than very fast after her special has been cast

Got it.

Mana troop 20… 11% bonus.

3 ghosted tiles = 6.66 mana
End of turn mana gain = 0.888
Total mana end of first turn = 7.548 mana (<8, not enough to charge)

End of next turn mana gain = 0.888
Total mana end of second turn = 8.436 mana (>8, enough to have her charged).

This fits your observation and the assumed value of 0.8 per turn.

Mana after 2 turns with different troop values

Mana troop 11+ (9% bonus) : 8.28 mana
Mana troop 5+ (7% bonus) : 8.13 mana
Mana troop 1+ (5% bonus) : 7.98 mana
No mana troop : 7.6 mana

So we see the reason for the speed up and it is using a mana troop. (Lvl 5 or higher)

What’s the fact one needs to keep in mind?

So assuming 0.8 holds true. It is crucial for a fast hero to have at least mana troop lvl 5 when beeing in an attacking team together with Toxicandra.


Hey! I would like to know how to use her, because I have an issue with her stats.

Due to her defense is (in my opinion) lower than her attack, I don’t know if i should put her on my defense team.

I explain myself. She has “a lot” of attack but her special skill does not use it. I’ve been thinking that maybe she is a versatile heroe. But she heals less than others (Ariel) and have less defense than others (Heimdall) so how i use her?

Feel free to share your opinions!

I find Toxicandra to be the kind of the “in-between” of Grazul and Ariel.

Grazul is very fast and heals 15% and immune to status ailments for two turns.

Ariel is average speed and heals 40% , boosts mana generation and cleanses status ailments.

Toxicandra heals 24% fast speed so depending on troops, can be essentially a very fast healer, cleanser and mana regenerator.

Ariel’s mana generation boost can be overridden by other heroes like Odin, whilst Toxicandra would stack in that situation like Alberich does because she regenerates mana for all heroes regardless of what you do in the next turn whilst with Ariel and Odin’s mana generation boost depends on what heroes’ tiles you move to get more mana.

Toxicandra and Alberich’s mana regeneration stacks with Ariel and Odin’s mana generation boost


Toxicandra is ideal for raid formations, really boosting the mana of the heroes being hit by few tiles.

When formations were first announced I was eagerly looking for heroes like Misandra and Alby that give mana to allies rather than just increase the rate of mana gain.

Alby is slow and Misandra is irregular so Toxicandra at fast mana gifting mana to her allies seems like something that is too good to be true. Heal and cleanse which should allow for a Double and Reverse Double as it reduces the penalty of the vulnerable middle spot to hit three ailments and DoTs.

Clearly, we don’t know what the final version of formations will do with the middle position, perhaps it won’t be an issue in the final version but regardless Toxicandra looks like the perfect solution for the new formations.
Am running one TC on green only to speed up her progress. Inefficient use of resources but still better than off color.

I would be eager to hear from players with Toxy already maxed.


@Sternman I just maxed her out this morning and using double formation. She’s been netting me several wins. Imo, she’s worth the investment


I’ve got her at +8 emblems and have been using her in my defense team for the last day. I have her in flank position in a Reverse formation defense. I started about 2600-2700 cups and have stayed in the same range moving up and down between 2600 and 2700 depending on the fights. As far as I can tell she has been solid on defense. I was using Telluria before as my healer (and tank) in standard formation.

I’m loving that mana regeneration at fast speed a LOT when using her on offense!


She will go nuts with June’s hotm as that one will give a small amount of mana at the end of each turn for 4 turns. Hope this upcoming green hotm will be male

Love hearing how everyone is using her. Any more with her maxed and emblems? Where is she excelling?

What position in double is she working well at?

center. protected by Krampus and Clarissa

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The more I use her the more I love having her on my team. I use her on offense and defense.

I think her def and atk are pretty good for a healer. I was really surprised. I currently have Ariel at +20 and Toxi at +9 taking the same emblem path and Toxi’s attack is already 30 more than Ariel and about 70 behind her on defense right now. But by the time I get her to +20 too the defense will be slightly behind Ariel and attack will be much higher than Ariel. And all at fast speed.
The mana generation kicks in all the time. You get so used to a hero’s special kicking up after their tile colors get sent off that it’s a fun surprise to see hero special’s popping up when other color tiles activate.
She’s probably my favorite hero right now. Really loving Toxicandra!


June’s HOTM already out?

@Noxyking No. June’s hotm adds a small amount of mana for each nature hero at the end of each turn for 4 turns. Combine that with Toxi’s moderate mana special, and the mana will just pour in. This is based that Malicna and Frosth have this elemental link. So, May, June, and July will also have this link for Red, Green, and Yellow heroes respectively

what is june’s hotm?

They’re just going based on the order of the colors we know and the way 5 HOTM in a row have the same element link. There’s no other info on them

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at 4/72 with her. Moved to my main rainbow attack team. Have 1k emblems to apply once maxed. I love the synergy with Odin. The double mana boost is awesome!

Toxicandra, Skadi, Khiona, Odin, Vanda

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As Toxicandra gives a total amount of mana the special of Odin will increase this amount. Good synergy indeed! :+1:


I’m loving the same with Sif. If only she’d give the bonus to everyone like Odi ln lol.

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Just got Mica to full skill power (3/23) and Toxicandra at 3/70 and took them into season 3. It was a fun combination, pretty much had a hero charged every turn and Mica fully overcharged before his buffs ran out.

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