🦹‍♂ Toxicandra – 5* Nature/ Green from League of Villains

I’m running her in my D currently along with Asterius. She is good…and love the stacking mana boost with Odin…heroes just keep firing!!


What would compare her power to? Did she increase your win ratio compared to another hero?

good bye toxicandra !! i kissed my own tears not getting you and perhaps i will never get you …there is some players spend almost 2 grand not getting you so i will probably never get you :sob: :sob:

Win percentage wise I didn’t see a huge change but I ran her with some average mana heroes vs. having to run all F and VF. Don’t have many slow maxed but I think she could be a huge asset in those team makeups

Sorry, but I think she has the absolute worst artwork of any hero. It looks like someone at SG won a contest and as a prize had their face plastered on the hero. It’s cheap and sloppy looking.

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I agree…it doesn’t mesh with the game well. Looks too much like a photo.

tbh the whole event was lazily drawn up.
using mob enemies and bosses as 4 and 5* heroes.
they’re not even trying anymore.

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You should take a look on Poseidon, Ariel… Those ones are the worst ones from the entire game. Toxicandra is really well designed.

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I have Toxi at 3-70 currently. So far, she’s netted me a few wins. She’ll be maxed out by friday. May take Vivica’s emblems and move them to Toxi.

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Agree with this. Thankfully the art we’ve seen so far for Season 4 looks much better.

This would be 0.8 MU (mana units, 1 tile = 1 MU) then.

I was about to exactly ask the same thing.

No. You are mixing things up. She does not provide a mana bonus but directly gives mana each round. This is different from Ariel.

Is the amount consistent or does it vary? I’ve seen he charge at the end of a fast turn (6 tiles worth) and other times after 2 turns making me think the mana bonus has a slight variation each turn

There is nothing mentionend on the card. I assume it is the same amount…I can’t check as I don’t have her. Anyway the amount shall be affected by mana troops or any mana generation effect.

As it is an absolute amount of mana (0.8) this is a different % value for each mana speed.

Probably your heroes had different mana speeds and different boni from mana troops.

Are you sure on this one? Did you try / compare?

She gives a moderate amount of mana. Alberich’s special says the same thing

I know the wording is the exact same. In my opinion you really can’t conclude that it is the exact same amount…think we had more things in this game which were supposed to be the same and turned out to be different…let’s see if I am able to remember.

Anyway this is not sufficient for me.

I am a mathematician. I don’t trust anything without proof. It lies within my nature.

She has always had my 20 mana troop and none of my heroes boost mana that I’m using.

I think Garnet is still the best healer, but only because she is really awesome both for attack and eventually defence (paired with other ninjas).

Toxicandra is same good for offense and ok for defence (but Frigg still the best green).

Really close tho, great hero.


You got me wrong.

Let’s assume it is 0.8 MU per round the same as Alberich. For different mana speeds this will fill a different visual amount of the mana bar.

0.8 equals a different percentage for each mana speed.

Here are the numbers

Very fast: 0.8 of 6.5 is 12.3%

Fast: 0.8 of 8 is 10%

Average: 0.8 of 10 is 8%

Slow: 0.8 of 12 is 6.7%

Very slow: 0.8 of 13.5 is 5.9%

Each hero gets the same amount of mana but for different mana speeds this is a different progress on the mana bar.

So if you have a fast hero and slow hero on the same team it will seem like the fast hero would get more mana (almost double) as his mana bar progress will be bigger.

Any other hero (not only Toxicandra!) having a mana troop equiped will gain the mana boost by troops.

Mana troop lvl 20 provides 11% generation bonus. So instead 0.8 MU a hero will gain
0.8 x 1.11= 0.888 mana per round.

Got my point?


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