🦹‍♂ Toxicandra – 5* Nature/ Green from League of Villains

Here is one turn of mana she provides. Krampus and Noor and Toxy were all at 0 mana

(And I’m not a whale, just got extremely lucky and got her in 16 pulls)


she provides the same amount of mana as Alberich

Fast cleansing healer WITH mana regen, this is my dream hero. Their stats are ridiculous too, I’d out right pay a flat fee if I could guarantee pull her.
Don’t be surprised when she gets cooled down tho


Anyone that has her have any feedback yet? Could she be used as a tank? I think if paired with Odin the mana buff stacks. That could provide a huge boost.

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I think she’d be best as right flank or wing

Is this mana gain subject to mana bonus from troops?

While I don’t know that, it seems that Toxy (unleveled with a lvl 20/11% mana bonus troop) acts close to a very fast hero with 1 set of ghosted tiles + 1 turn of the bonus mana from her special to charge her again (thought it was 2 turns but just tried again and she immediately charged after the end of the turn she cast & then got the ghosted tiles).


My first impression on Toxicandra



Just got her and I am supper pumped to level her up and try her out. Already got a set of tonics waiting! Mostly excited for the fast speed and mana aspects for her. What heroes would she pair best with on Def do y’all think? I run GTV right now but have been wanting to change things up.

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Best Special and she cute af, would love to have her, especially the avatar.

What are the odds tho, 0.3 percent ?

She is a Fast healer + Mana regen + cleanser (what else you want?)
I haven’t leveled her yet, but even so what I’ve seen till now she is a super hero!
I probably use her as a left flank and why not …as a defense tank (with emblems for health/def)

She came when I was about to start leveling… Ratatoskr!
Sadly I spent a lot without any success and when I finally gave up (and promised to myself never again) I won her with a free, single pull, with coins collected from the event!


So, with a level 11 mana troop fast heroes become Vfast after she fires, confirmed?

I’ve got her fully ascended and emblemed…quite good!! Definitely strong yet tanky. I’m don’t have emblems to fully put Asterius to 20 currently so I’m running her with Garnet …my biggest issue is she removes Frigg from rainbow

Why is everyone so keen on her defensive abilities? Lol I don’t understand.

Get her on that raid team and charge some heroes! :slightly_smiling_face:


Video of her charging at the end of the turn after ghosted tiles (level 20 mana troop)

Pulled this one…was most excited for Karnov for yellow Titan damage…now I’m thinking she is one of the best pulls. Going to be very useful in many situations as she does a lot of things a little bit. She is going to be a solid team supporter and should save you in many battles. When i pulled Grazul she was a game changer as a team supporter…Toxicandra will probably be the same game changer.


Just pulled her. Ironically, bought all of yhe challenge event deals in hopes of getting her, got her with 8 summons still left. gonna hold onto the rest until Wonderland


Just got her this morning and she was the only Villain I wanted. Score!


Her Artwork is so awesome. I love it. :heart_eyes:

Anyone have her fully emblemed yet and on defense? If so, what are your thoughts?

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