Toxic Rejects, recruiting or merging

Toxic Rejects, is a brand new alliance, with a bunch of experienced players !

We are looking for new members, interested for competitive battles. We are yet low on score but we will grow strong soon enough, now is the best time for you to join.

We are also open to any suggestions on merging

Feel free to contact us !!!

Check out the post for Misfit Toys &, Mystic Meadows. See if there’s potential.

We are looking to fill 2 alliances.
Both are fun, active, experienced and international.

We are casual and competitive and appreciate good company. :grin:

You can contact me on line at:
Ice Saber

How many players do you have?

I tried to find your alliance, could not find Toxic Rejects. How many players do you have? Verdant Vipers is looking for 5 experienced players. Check us out.

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