Towers and talents

Since magic tower is easier to conquer with wizards, sorcerers, clerics and druids, Why not have ninja tower be easier for rogues, rangers and monks
While a new warriors tower for fighters, paladins and barbarians

Interesting suggestion. Maybe SG is already working on something like this.

if this idea is being worked on, S1 heroes are actually of more use now. Because their costumes are considered separate heroes from their originals, some heroes like Sabina, kiril and melendor can be cursed 10 times in magic tower before being out of commission. But they’re not effective at the other two towers. On the other hand, heroes like boldtusk being a fighter, and his costume as monk can tackle both ninja and warrior towers effectively as the healer.
Richard and his costume can tackle warrior’s tower and get cursed 10 times as he’s paladin and barbarian (costume). Will be interesting to strategize these heroes for the towers

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