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I haven’t bought flasks either so far. Just wondering if I should. Basically one summon in this gate costs 260 gems (2600 for 10 summon) so it might be worth it.

I wont buy gems thats for sure.

The blessings seem to be randomized (against what the guide said). I had +5 defense stack, minion, and damage reduction on level 6. (Took the defense stack).

That seem to be worth, 250 gem for 0.85 summon + about 150 emblems + better rank. (At least, it is better than another Greymane from 1 pull :rofl:) Thank you for the information. I will try buy flask for this time. Let see if it is as in beta or not :slightly_smiling_face:

No chest in impossible levels


There aren’t, sgg changed the blessings, I have to correct the chart, but I need to collect datas in live game so there won’t be a new chart before last week.

By the way I don’t plan to buy flasks so the 25 last levels will be probably wrong .

This event is literally pay to play and definitely pay to win.


I think every event and tourney is pay to win. Those with endless rosters and items…win. Others don’t. I can hope for 1% or a decent placing. I know I dont pay enough to win though. Small victories. It’s the same here with a small caveat. if you want to place really high, pay more. Those placing and competing aren’t worried about 250 gems. If you expect to place where you always do anyway, save the gems and just place. It probably won’t be any different than any other event with the end results. They aren’t really taking anything away from us. They are just giving whales a different way to compete and rise above the rest…rather than replaying levels.

To me, this is free emblems. yes!

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I will try to finish all floors, and collect that data too…
But I will not buy more flask what is needed so the last floor will be completed on Sunday for sure. (If I will still have eligible heroes by then :smiley: )


No wonder the complaints become intensified, now they don’t even give enough flags to complete all the levels.


Unchecked info from players who have already completed this Tower with flasks saved from NT: There are no free energy flasks in the chests or level rewards. And by the looks of it, since we got two additional flasks to purchase on day 2 it is obvious SG wants us to purchase the flasks in order to climb the tower.

Now some could argue that 250 gems can be assembled quickly as a f2p. This, at least for me, closes the issue whether this is a f2p locked event. It is not, however most of the f2p or c2p players will of course not waste their precious gems purchasing a pass to the last 25 floors.

Sadly if this event sticks like that, it will create a solid precedent and we can expect other events in the very near future to also have a gem fee included at some point - only for completion purposes. It will be the same as the issue with the trainer heroes in new challenge event portals…


Can’t find any information about it - do curses in “normal” Tower count also in “impossible” difficulty? I.e. if I have totally cursed :wink: hero in normal Tower, can I use her/him again in impossible one?

No. Once cursed out, no matter where you can’t use the hero again in this tower.

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Although I have confirmation that if a costumed hero is cursed, the other side of the hero can be used. Which makes costumes extremely valuable in the tower.


Oh yes, especially some healers.

Mele survives 10 curses, same as kiril, Sabine or vivi.

Rigard survives 6.

Boldtusk comes to mind and is the only costumed S1 healer only surviving 2 curses (I hope I haven’t forgotten one)

Costumed Kashhrek survives 10.

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But c rigard/melendor/Sabina are all quite weak with the tower rules. Since their buffs and dispels get removed faster.

Oh wow, the boss wave blessing is announced for a few seconds. Would be so annoying for anyone playing for score

Okay nvm, you can already start matching even when the skill is announced. I’m so judgemental lol


True, I do get 1000 gems per month but that is because I am a very active F2P. I have heard that ordinary F2P sometimes get as low as 300 gems per month.

Even then, my gems are tied because I am looking to save it for 30× summon. Using 250 gems per month will delay my plan.


How you do that? You literally watch MV every four hours?

For Melendor, Rigard, and Sabina, use the costume for early levels, use non-costume for latter level.

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