Tower of Magic deprecated and out of rotation?

According to this Posting there is again Tower of Styx planned for February.

Last Tower was Ninja and before Ninja there was Styx. Is Tower of Magic deprecated and out of the rotation?


I know! I still need that yellow wizard troop!

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Looks like so. I expect them to reintroduce the Magic Tower with v56 or v57 and with a rework to 25+25 stages and some new heroes, like they just did to the Ninja Tower.
Just a personal guess/estimate though, I have no data to back this up.


Hope when they bring Magic Tower back they will do like Ninja tower and have featured heroes in the portal. If Milena is featured then I’m willing to wait. Like everything else in this game, patience is required.


Waiting to draw for Wizard troops.

The first paragraph of that post points out that this can and probably will change. Don’t treat it as gospel.

ToM is currently on hiatus because there are no new heroes for the Magic portal.

It used to be Event first, Portal second.

Now it is Portal first, with an Event as an excuse for the Portal.

Let’s wait to see the rest of V55 Beta. If that includes new magic heroes, it’s possible that Magic may be rotated back in.

If there is none in V55, then wait for V56 or V57. Zynga will surely release new magic heroes, just like they did with Ninjas.

Zynga prioritises revenue generation over a comfortable predictable schedule for players, like it used to be.


I think this will happen. As the event hero pool enlarges.

Aww, I´d like to get a chance at Sergei one day… :pray: :purple_heart:


And sometimes we have a portal without an event.
I often ask myself, why SG even bother with events.

Gotta keep players fully engaged. Less likely to stray that way

I will be disappointed if the next tower is not a tower of magic. I’ve been collecting troops tokens with a tower of magic in mind for a long time now.

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Styx troops are almost the same in my book. If not even better

Lower atk and defense though

Sure the bypass bonus is nice, but i still like the wizards for the higher atk/def stats


If they putt Magic Tower again it be nice if there 50levels not 25-let inposible be inposible and not easy to overcome we need a chalange​:muscle::brain: