Tower of magic cost

OK, I reached level 25 of tower of magic. No defeats, plenty heroes left who aren’t cursed ( in fact have kept my best till last). Hold on! No energy left and it’s over in seven hours.Impossible level? Yes, if you don’t spend gems on refills And can’t buy enough now as it’s so close to the end to complete it. Not impressed

The search tool really is your friend on the forum. Yes, you HAVE to get at least 5xflasks to even finish the Impossible missions. :sweat: FYI



yes, any offer of any day you can get till the event is over, day per day or everything altogether on the last day

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SO many people are confused on the lower flask offer

SG should add in some text like “Day 1 flasks” that changes between days so people don’t think it’s just one offer that carries over day to day.

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It doesn’t worth the effort nor the gems.

The impossible levels don’t have intermediate chests.
No chest for completing.
The effort is bigger compared to NT (25 more levels) and MT IT IS NOT FREE.
The rewards is exactly the same as the NT.

Yes this is clear since you can scroll the levels before playing.

For some of us the emblems are well worth playing for.

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Please use above linked thread on the same topic. Cheers.

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