Tower of Fighters/Brawlers

Since I’ve got shafted and my 10 pull gave me zero event heroes and I’m going to start saving for the next big thing coming up.

Following the logic of this Tower of Magic, is it ok to assume there is going to be a Tower of “Fighters”? With new heroes as well and where the other classes can get the 5 curses instead of one?

Share your thoughts xD

No more new events please…for awhile…

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In beta beat for version 42 the Clash of Knights event is being tested in beta and there will be 10 new heroes. So, to answer the question, yes save up your gems and $$.

Is Ninja tower going to be next month been saving up my ETT waiting to use them when NT is up

I suspect Tower of Might aimed at Fighters, Barbarians and Paladins, and not sure what to call it but something like Tower of Cunning/Expertise for Monks, Rangers, and Rogues.
Seems highly likely that they will have more towers focused on specific classes to be used with new heroes in those classes as well.

this seems like a natural next step

I’d bet anything there will be a third tower event

Logical move would be to make Ninja Tower the “fighters” class tower and let those two rotate.

But seeing what was happening recently, we’ll probably get 4 new towers by the end of 2022 and Ninja Tower will be this weird forgotten exception but why would they invest resources in something old just for it to make sense, right?

I think in the end it will be either 3 or 4 tower events that rotate. With 4 classes bonused, two events would leave 2 classes out, so most likely NT will be reworked to be more like this Magic Tower and over the course of time 1 or 2 new towers will mix in. The Tavern will end up elsewhere in the calendar.

Your not alone with not getting the big heroes on these challenge events people are doing 100 or more and coming away with sweet FA