Tower glitch

Playing the tower and I fled as soon as they tried to curse my healer because it was a ■■■■ board. When I hit flee it took the healer and marked it as cursed… I did the first 35 levels by fleeing on bad boards then they swipe my best healer when I take off on the next bad board??? So tired of zanga

This is likely the game working as designed.

The curse is applied as soon as the Oni tile appears, and is only cleared off the hero if the Oni tile is cleared or the match is won. If I were the devs, I would’ve coded it exactly like you describe, so people don’t just duck out (flee) to avoid getting cursed.

If it doesn’t already (I don’t want to check), it would be nice if it gave you that warning explicitly when you hit Flee though. That seems like a reasonable feature request.

No bug here – working as intended from Beta testing also.

Check out this thread which has all this discussion and more: 🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

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