Tower Coins from Ninja Coins

Did you guys noticed, it appears that the Ninja coins have converted to Tower coins?
I just saw that my Ninja event coins are gone, and I have Tower coins instead. Will this also mean that the upcoming Ninja event will be replaced with Magic Tower event? If so, it’s a bummer, I’ve been saving troops tokens to summon on the event :confused:

Yes we are expecting Magic Tower and not Ninja Tower.
Version 41 release notes show Magic Tower is coming. Normally that means the event comes this month.

I see, thank you @Ruskin505

Still aggggrrrrr :rage: Wanted the ninjas :man_shrugging:t2:


I prepared a lot of troop tokens just so I can get my full set of 4* troops. I guess I’ll have to wait for one more month. :weary:

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Just wait another month. You can use those coins now in both towers. So collect until the tower you want summon is back.


Or maybe 2 month? because October is Tavern of Legend.
But, it can also November is Magic tower again instead of Ninja Tower (just like League of Villain instead of Pirate - the rotation).
So, it can be 3 month more… :grin: (disclaimer: it is just a guess)

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