Tourny defence not showing all attacks

Not the 1st time this has happend. At least 5 times since tournys started, i have been sent videos or told by alliance mates that they have hit me in the tourny…nothing in my “defence log”. How many are hitting us that aren’t showing. Is this a way for E&P to fix our banding, seems like that to me

Here’s the answer

you can also read here, it was implemented with version 21 in May 2019


So how on earth do we know if were getting the appropriate banding? They can just say youre whatever they want and not have to prove it

The defence ranking system is not fair.

Because if the first 5 are losses for your defence, and you win the next 5, only 1 win is reflected in your defence grading.

You lose out the other 4 wins which could have pushed your defence up to the next grading tier.

If SGG wants to use this defence grading system , then each defence team can only be match made 5x every 24 hours. No more.

SGG can easily code in this restriction but they choose not to.

Some defence teams do not get matched at all for 3 days. They stay at C for 3 days. That’s not fair.

Some defence get put up for sale every single day. But only 5+1 matches are reflected.

SGG defence is : matchmaking is random. It’s just an excuse for lazy coding.

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