Tourney bug

To dev: not sure if you can review battles, but fought lanselot in the raid tourney just now. When firing specials at the left flank which had Grimm and Kiril, both specials failed. First I fired proteus at them, and they still gained mana. A couple turns later I fired Merlin at Kiril when his mana was almost full, he still healed team. Seems that mana control had a bug there.

Is it possible that you were blinded by one of the opponent hero specials like HuTao, or maybe you had WuKong buff up? :slight_smile:

Nah kiril had Merlin’s purple mana indicator on him when he fired. Instead of random attack, he healed team

Okay, then it is definitely a bug. Please #contact-support and submit a ticket. :slight_smile:

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