Tournaments with no heal, no resurrection

Inari’s minion heal still works. I think that is who it is the hero with the fox minion’s and fox like hair.
I fought her this tournament and her minion’s still heal.
Does not seem like they should.

Inari doesn’t heal. The minions help dodge and add mana. The other fox minion I can think of is Red Hood who does heal. I will use my Red Hood tomorrow to see if can replicate and clear things up if you want.


yes please thank you

Yeah minons is a way to still heal in these battles. The wording is “hero’s” can’t heal or resurrection doesn’t say nothing about minions.

Red Hood’s minions do no heal. Just used her, as usual her animation visually works but then a 0 healing appears, as intended, not a bug.


Ok that’s cool. @Olmor didn’t you use the bee dude in the 3* for a healing thang.

Thanks for confirming @UroSecondo With how forgetful I am at times prob wouldnt have remembered in the morning.

Minion shield = pseudo heal

Right I’m confused. Haha have they changed anything from minon heal.

No, minion heal didn’t and doesn’t work, but minions will be added and are a nice additional meatshield.

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