Tournaments for new players?

I´d like to suggest that there could be made weekly Tournaments for newer players.

Yes, I of course participate in all Tournaments, but running with our 3 star heroes vs the 5 star ones really feels uphill (as an example)

I know a lot of content in game is reserved for end game, but I hope this does not come off as a “I want it all, and I want it now!”

It would just be fantastic to go up against teams, that are more ‘on your level’, so it becomes a better learning curve :slight_smile:

That is really all - thank you for reading and listening :star2:

One-third of all tournaments are 3* tournaments.

The tournament matches are supposed to match like-with-like so new players should already fight similar teams.

Oh? Thank you! I was not aware of that. I keep being matched with teams that are way above me, both in terms of cups and team power. Must be RNG. Thank you - I´ll just give it my best atttempt then :slight_smile:

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