Tournaments for free to play players

If they are going to keep increasing the gap between free to play and paying players, one thing that I understand, I think it will be good for the game that there will be one tournament where only free to play players could join.
It wont hurt paying players and free to play players would be able to compete with the same rules…
I don’t say anything should be changed, but for example when there is a tournament, you can join to the open tournament as it is now, or the free to play tournament where only free to play can join.

What do you think?
It may be a good idea, or not?

Great idea, but like any other great ideas on this forum, it will never be implemented. SG is interested only in making money, so why would they bother with a feature only for f2p? Let’s get real :slight_smile: Like I said, any good idea will be never implemented or will be radically changed for their own purpose. Like happened with alchemy lab idea, long time ago.

I agree with you in that it won’t be implemented, but SG gets money from free to play players indirectly.
They need us to have a critical mass of users and to see ads where they get money too

It would be UNFAIR to exclude paying players. Because you would then be restricting access to loot just because they pay.
Now if the tourney was for ALL players that can only field a 3000tp team and lower.And I mean with their strongest heroes and troops added up will NOT breech the 3000 mark. That is the things I would like to see because you would NOT be seeing same people over and over because they would breech that number after a bit. They do NOT have to give 4* ascension items as loot. Make loot more inline with their teams.

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It’s another option.
But my proposal is not excluding anybody.
You choose between joining paying or not paying tournament.
If you are paying you can only choose paying, but you doesn’t lose loot. Because you always can join a tournament.
Regrettably I suppose non paying tournament loot will be worse that paying… if possible.

F2p can place top 1% in the current tournament form, easy enough. I’m not by far one of the strongest f2p running around and I did place top 1% in 3, 4 and 5* tourneys.

If they segregate the FTP player base from the rest, then that defeats the purpose of having them, making money from them indirectly, and playing with the rest of the player base. Eventually you would have whale vs whale. Whales don’t want that. They want to pay alot of money, get the best of the best, and then smash the FTP players into little bits to feed their self esteem.

Yes, you are right, but they may end without free players… If they keep making the gap bigger and no compensation for the free to play, to enjoy the game…
I have been playing for more than 2 years and I am quite competitive , but only with 3 hotm, no 5* from atlantis,and each time more gap with the emblems … I won’t be competitive soon.
And 3* tournaments with all the 3* with emblems… 4* tournaments with emblems…

I cannot afford so many emblems or changing the emblems for one to another…
I would like to be able to compete at least somewhere with some fairness… I understand that the ones who play should have adventage, but they have the wars, the raids, the tournaments…
I only ask one place for f2p, only one…

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