Tournaments for 2* and 1* - STAFF RESPONSE: 1* and 2* tournaments will be removed

I don’t want to play with them.

They have too limited possibilities and lack variety. Tournaments with them are boring.

The 2* tourney was funny, but not more. 1* would annoy imo.

Say no to feeder wars…


LOL @ feeders, that they ARE. But to be fair ALL levels 1-5 should have the exact same chance to roll in. I will join with feeders from trainings, no big deal.


I have been playing for 2+ years, and 1x account still has only 2x 5* 4.80 heroes ( merciless RNG is cruel. Some duplicate bad 5* heroes is even crueler. ) so 5* tourneys are cruel for that account.

Let that account have it’s 1* tourney.

I like 1* tourneys better than 2* tourneys because leveling special skills is so much easier on 1* heroes.

Or better yet, have a choice between 2+ tourneys each week so players can choose their fun.


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2+ Tourney

(Increase emblem drops or 1x Free and 1x 75g Tourney or Run five tourneys- 5* to 1*- EVERY week or still bitter about 1*+20 heroes)

1* hero special skills



To have a choice for every rarity or even open class (rarity mix) would be awesome. Has already been suggested in the very beginning of tournaments.


Will we have weekly Tournaments for 2* and 1* heroes?


The weekly tournaments are not random, they are run on a rotation. Of course, we do reserve the right to change the contents of the rotation at any time. Right now the rotation is 32 weeks.

We’ll actually have a tournament with 1-star heroes later this month.

Edit: After a long discussion and a number of polls, we’ve decided NOT to have 1-star or 2-star tournaments. More details here Tournaments for 2* and 1* - STAFF RESPONSE: 1* and 2* tournaments will be removed - #318 by mhalttu


Right now the tournaments with 1-star and 2-star heroes are very rare. There is only one of each per rotation. Should they be more frequent?

  • Yes, both should be more frequent
  • Tournaments with 1-star heroes should be more frequent
  • Tournaments with 2-star heroes should be more frequent
  • The current frequency is good

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Edit: New poll with more options at Tournaments for 2* and 1* - STAFF RESPONSE: 1* and 2* tournaments will be removed - #142 by mhalttu


They are silly fun but very inclusive for every level of player.


They are definitely silly and inclusive but take up silly roster space for mid-high level players and vets


Post title updated to reflect staff update

@zephyr1 @rook @littleKAF @DaveCozy might be worth a sticky to avoid people being surprised and outraged!

@mhalttu thanks for responding, we always appreciate being involved in the flow of information :relaxed:

@Scarecrow - sometimes they do write back :sweat_smile:


I thought we were supposed to use “Alert flags” instead of tagging everyone on (


I think the newer players that don’t have a chance to get the bigger hero’s that do 2 star hero’s up need a chance aswell to gain better mats


I you take the game as what it is: a GAME, nothing to be too serious, those tournaments can be a lot of fun :smiley: if you don’t want to play with food: let it be, don’t opt in.


Just because I said they don’t. Do you see what I did there? :rofl:


I would not enjoy 1* tournament. just keep the 2*

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Just join, field 5 unleveled feeders and see what happens.

Make sure, that no rule matching heroes are on your bench at the moment of joining.

Then max up a tank during prep time for funny results. Flanks and wings could stay unleveled.


You should have included “eliminate the 1* and 2* tournaments” as an option in this poll. I actually thought the 2* tournament was ok, but the 1* will be dreadful. There is so little variation in heroes. Every fight is going to be mostly RNG.


Making it the first truely equal tournament?


Equal-ish, kinda, but not really… I wonder how many players will give emblems to 1* heroes and level up 1* troops. I have no intention of doing that.

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But I like playing with my food





P.S. If you are a kid, or SGG, listen to your mama, she knows best.


Ughh…I have to build a ginger bread house with my daughter today…you wanna have that job? :smiley:

To be serious: I like the idea of low level tournaments, so I can have a bit more fun with my alt acc…
I can understand people who don’t want to waste the roster space, but that’s it^^