Tournaments for 2* and 1* - STAFF RESPONSE: 1* and 2* tournaments will be removed

Dear developers!

Will we have weekly Tournaments for 2* and 1* heroes?
@Petri, I’d really appreciate straight response - yes or no =)

  1. 2*.
    Many players keep ~6-10 full 2* “just in case”, which becomes quite annoying 'cause they’re useless.
    I believe you’ve got lots of negative feedback the previous time.
    2* tournamanent is a really bad idea.
    We had it one time - but let’s not do it again, pls =)

  2. 1*
    I assume it’s never gonna happen, but it’s still in the Tournament’s rules.

  3. Troops for 2* tournament.
    Now you have a restriction for 2* troops, but in practice it was 1* troops only.
    If you want to keep 2* tournaments (which I really hope you don’t) please correct this error in the description.

Sincerely, from Russian top alliances =)


I read somewhere (and I forgot where), the rank for tournaments is also based on RNG. Is not something set by the crew. At least, this is what I understood. And if this is true, we may expect anytime a 2* tournament. Could be three in a row or one in a year. As the dice roll over…


Haven’t heard about it.

Dear devs, can you confirm that?
If it’s true, do you have 1* and 2* restrictions as possible outcomes?

I’m pretty sure 1* are still a possibility. I think what type of tournament restrictions we get are dictated by rng. I read that the odds of getting a 1* or 2* tournament are very low but it can happen anytime.

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@mhalttu, @Rigs, maybe you know how it works? =)

As far as i know the rules have no cycle or pattern, they are set by RnG

But @zephyr1 has tracked every tournament both pre and post release so maybe he has seen some pattern there

He does have all past tourneys listed in that thread if anyone wants to see if there is a pattern for themselves

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t miss 2* tourneys and don’t look forward to 1* tourneys


It’s obviously can’t be seen from outside, since we had only one 2* tournament and none 1* whatsoever.

It’s more a question to official representatives, who knows how it works from the inside.

Ok well i didnt find anything official which searching is all i have the ability to do

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But I guess you know already; the staff won’t ever reply to a direct question. The few occasions when they post, are in the bugs threads. Not as a specific answer, whatsoever…


Perhaps they canned it , if they were smart they would have , I don’t see the use of having a tourney for feeders, would not have surprised me if many didn’t opt in that 2* tourney we had that one time . Also I think in terms of economics they would have seen it as a failure… ie gems to play on after 5 losses etc

When I’ve asked in the past, the Small Giant Staff have said that both 2* and 1* Raid Tournaments were possible.

I haven’t asked again since the only 2* Raid Tournament, but I don’t have any particular reason to think that’s changed.

A long time ago when Raid Tournaments started and I asked the Small Giant Staff about the possibility of 1* and 2* Tournaments, their answer about them implied that the Tournaments were selected by RNG.

The lack of apparent pattern and repetition of Tournament attributes at times has furthered that impression.

(But we know now that they’re not.)

FWIW, I said this a couple days before the only 2* Raid Tournament:

So that’s either funny coincidence, or someone’s idea of a joke. :man_shrugging:


Gonna start on me 1* now :wink:

Dear devs,

Most our mama’s adamantly taught us not to play with our food!


I’m sure I did like everyone else and leveled my 2*s after the tourney, and have yet to use then since


I’m still holding onto the 2s I levelled even though I’m doubting to see another 2 tourny. I havent seen more negative feedback on new content then I have on the release of that tournament.

I really should feed my original two star heroes and free up the space, it’s not worth keeping them for one or two tournaments a year but I can’t bring myself. I could make a team of trainer heroes should the need arise.

Have you met the Alchemy Lab??


Damnit I knew I’d forget something. Definitely more hate on the lab.

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I didn’t even level the 2* feeders I used in the tourney and they became food immediately I was done. If there is another 2* or 1* I would do the same thing again – that is if I enter. I don’t have the roster space to keep them and gems are precious to me.


I loved the 2* tournament. I have my teams ready.
I was crazy leveling my team during the events. Lots I& fun.

For the 1* I will level on the day. I just hope I have lots of rugged clothes.


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