Tournaments, challenge events same winners, cheap rewards

The same characters seem to win all the time and get the best loot. There must be someway to even the playing field a little better. And to increase the loot by just a little even for a better incentive to participate and even to spend gems to continue if you lose four battles etc.

There is no 1st place in tournaments, there is the top 1%. I would say that even things out nicely. You just have to have a roster strong enough to make it into the top 1%. Been there once, top 5% couple time. Never even close in the challenge events, I play those for the completion rewards. You do not want to know how much money and time those people spend to get in the top 100.


I can see myself getting in top 100 with like 2 months of preparation max, with $0.

But that is 2 months of materials stocked up for the sole purpose of a challenge event. I did that once and almost hit the top 100 in rare but decided the time/effort is better spent somewhere else.


The reward for top1 is the same top 1% which can be achieved with a good roster especially for 3 or 4 star tournaments.

Top100 during challenge event is difficult but possible if you use enough world energy flasks and have the right heroes leveled. Top1 or top10 is another world. Without massive investment this is impossible. But the player getting there are all high spenders and probably own the hero already. So only a small advantage here. Spending the money else is probably offerimg more advantage other than fame.


This is an old argument that will never get any attention because SG makes too much money off the current way the challenge events are being played, plain and simple. If you don’t plan on throwing money at the event to redo tons of stages by buying WE, then don’t expect to pierce the top ten or 100 for that matter (on a regular basis). It’ll be next to impossible. Sorry for bursting your bubble, but that’s the truth of the matter. Money talks bull$h!+ walks.

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