Tournaments between alliance members

Maybe I am the only one, but I’d be happy to see more “content” and fights between Alliance members(besides war and titans).

Alliances are important parts of the game, that’s why, something like an Alliance tournament would be awesome.

By “Alliance tournament” I mean a tournament against your A. members with specific requirements(like raid tournaments). The rewards could be gather from the members ,but without rewards it would be also fun and a good way to make Alliance’s life more entertaining.

What do you think, are there enough space for new contents or the game is already full with features?

I had a similar thought but it wasn’t a tournament but more of the lines of pitting yourself against one another randomly to test your teams only not for reward . Good idea


Maybe I am the only one, hana
@rook a

Love your entire promo!


There is a similarly veined thread but it is aimed solely at practice battles rather than this which is a intra-alliance competition with rewards etc…

I can see it being fun BUT I can also see it being exploited… :man_shrugging:

For reference the other “practice fight” thread:
Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


I agree with you. In this form, it was discussed positively in our Alli. No reward needed.


I like it. This keeps members engaged (in a FUN way) - which is a big concern right now. I am seeing a lot of frustrated members leaving alliances and the game.


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