Tournaments between alliance members (Inner Alliance Tournament)

Maybe I am the only one, but I’d be happy to see more “content” and fights between Alliance members(besides war and titans).

Alliances are important parts of the game, that’s why, something like an Alliance tournament would be awesome.

By “Alliance tournament” I mean a tournament against your A. members with specific requirements(like raid tournaments). The rewards could be gather from the members ,but without rewards it would be also fun and a good way to make Alliance’s life more entertaining.

What do you think, are there enough space for new contents or the game is already full with features?

I had a similar thought but it wasn’t a tournament but more of the lines of pitting yourself against one another randomly to test your teams only not for reward . Good idea


Maybe I am the only one, hana
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There is a similarly veined thread but it is aimed solely at practice battles rather than this which is a intra-alliance competition with rewards etc…

I can see it being fun BUT I can also see it being exploited… :man_shrugging:

For reference the other “practice fight” thread:
[Implemented -- V35] Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


I agree with you. In this form, it was discussed positively in our Alli. No reward needed.


I like it. This keeps members engaged (in a FUN way) - which is a big concern right now. I am seeing a lot of frustrated members leaving alliances and the game.


How about a tournament inside an alliance…

IE: The top 8 members get to dual each other in a knockout tournament?
Kinda like soccer champions league… top 8 get random draw against each other. they both have a chance to raid each other, and based on a scoring system, a winner goes on to semi final… then same story again. til you have a winner…

This is purely about bragging rights for that tournament, and maybe some loot to make it appealing.
It will create competition within alliance to be in top 8. And should make it quite fun in the alliance with chirping etc… (assuming you have people with a sense of humour)

Not sure if this is even codable… just an idea to have some fun.

And who knows, if it works, the alliances could act like the leagues , and they send their top 2 to the champions league where all alliances ‘champions’ fight…

I just find the Wars currently VERY unbalanced, and not really fun. This could just spark a bit more fun within the alliances…

Nice idea. We have quite a young alliance with a clear top player and then another two with several hundred points advantage over the pack, so the results would be quite predictable. Might get a bit demoralising seeing the same winner over and over!

Could work for mature alliances though?

Or it could include the hateful revenge bar to even the odds!

Regarding this… not necessarily. I think we have all raided above and below our levels, and lost the easy ones while won the hard ones… I, with only 4*s beat the number 263 Ranked player…
I find the board and tiles are the great equalizer.
Anyone can beat anyone if the tile gods are in their favor.

And as I mentioned, this is just for fun… to keep alliances interesting.

Wouldn’t you have to play attack and defence, though, like a war? My team is around 2700 and the higher player is 3100. While I have beaten teams of that strength, I think over both an attack and defence cycle, I’m going to lose 9/10 times.

But, yer it would be fun a few times. Over a few months, it might get tiresome.

I’m sure other alliances would be more competitive though.

Would have to attack and defend once. ‘Home and away game’ as it were. And then maybe the strength of your surviving heros determines the winner.

And i think maybe this should happen once a month. To keep it interesting.

Hi all, I’ve got this idea for a new type of tournament, this tournament wouldn’t be against other alliances but members of your own alliance.

So there are many ways to do it, it could be in a World Cup format such as groups and the winner goes through to the knock out stage and there’s runners up who come second then play the runner up of another group. Or randomly generated battles between members of your alliance.

The winner could receive some useful ascension items or epic tokens, middle gets three star ascension items and the losers get normal rewards such as food, herbs etc for taking part.

What do you think? Members of my alliance think it’s a great idea, has a lot of potential and can really be a way of encouraging chat and a bit of fun.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


It will be awesome to create a tournament within the alliance so whoever is the winner should be declared leader of that alliance. That way also you can get rid of so many inactive leaders on many alliances.

I like the idea of creating a tournament within an alliance. It’s a fun way to showcase some of your ideas to your teammates. It’s definitely a worthy idea in my opinion.

If not a tournament - at least the ability to pick and choose an alliance member to battle. (which is already an idea that has been proposed already)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the winner of the alliance should be the leader of the alliance. If you don’t like your leader, then joining an alliance with a better leader is the optimal option.

Also, most importantly, good tournament skills do not necessarily translate to good leadership skills. Leadership skills are different from in-game skills.

Just my opinion.



As @Guvnor wished, I move the discussion here even though I am against SG-created intra-alliance tournament.

But what we are talking earlier in previous thread is not about official SG-created tournament.

There is even a time when my alliance have a P2W member and he is excluded from intra-alliance tournament. In fact every donor/sponsor is excluded.

There are also times when we created 2 tier competition. One for higher level player, the other for low level player.

If intra-alliance competition is defined by their own alliance, the rule is flexible. P2W can have their own tournament separate from non-P2W.

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When they started adding MT to actual AAA games, many said it will pass and now gaming industry is highest profitability levels with worse game quality ever, Other than couple hand chosen games, all industry is turned into garbage,

Tournaments are one the only remaining place where money plague didn’t infest yet. So feel free to call me what ever you desire but in any condition i will do my best to stop these two terms coming side by side.

Greed never stops in this industry, if they see something can be accepted by even a minority, they will do their best to push the boundaries as much as possible.

Gamers have been watchhing this plague destroying our hobby, and there has been enough destruction already.,

Tournament bracket can easily be handled by alliance leaders outside of the game and they can simply say this will attack that. Keep it out of the game so the hungry executives will not attack it also…

Just to be clear:

I am against intra-alliance tournament created by SG.

For me, intra-alliance tournament should be handled by the alliance themselves utilizing existing game feature.

Friendly Match is one possible feature that alliance leadership can use to create a tournament of their own.

It won’t be in-game system, but like you said:

That was what I and another user discussed earlier in the previous thread. We are not asking SG to make the tournament.

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