Tournaments are a huge disapointment

It seemed such a great idea, the tournaments, but now, after having done them from the moment they started, I’m completely through with them. No more!

Each and every special rule that is applied only makes you even more vulnerable to bad luck, like bad fields, your colours not showing up and the selection of the opponents your confronted with. It’s raids, but then even worse. The outcome is determined by luck, with only a miniscule influence of your skills. It’s like poker without the possibility to bluff: no fun at all.

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Maybe not for you, but they represent a lot of fun for me. And I really doubt is only about luck. With average boards, I’m on the leaderboard with my alt account this tournament.


Even if I dislike rush tournaments Id say that generally tournaments are a great fun to me.


Personally I very much enjoy them. Have since the start

Was one of the vocal ones who saw potential even in the early failings.

Sure I’d like some more variety in the tournaments but there are other threads for that…

Only thing I consider disappointing is that the loot never returned to the previous levels :’(


For me tourneys are best fun recently in the game. I love it.
I was often 5%, so I am leveling heroes especially for each types of tournaments. And I am consistently 1% now.
Best innovation of the game in 2019 for me.

But I also really like costumes, Atlantis rises, emblems, 14* titans and how new hotm are shifting meta.
I only do not like following:

  • Margaret and Neith need buffs.
  • Alchemy lab could be better.
  • Hero academy should be released asap.

So devs, thank you. In 2019 you did a great job. :slight_smile:


Every single tourney was fun, whereas the 2* was more of a joke, but fun anyway.


I enjoy the tournaments.

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rush attack is fantastic!! for me to try all your heroes been very fast. Like it the most of all.


Rush attack changes the game dynamic. No longer are fast heroes the kings, it lets the slow heroes (especially with Wilbur) shine.

You have to approach each rule with a different mindset from the regular way of playing the game.

PS Too bad I don’t have any 5* slow heroes maxed :stuck_out_tongue:


kunchen paired with ursena - my favorite combo there :laughing:


It’s fun. I completely forgot the rule this time until I bought continue, poor me, I shouldn’t have wasted that gems :laughing:

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Rush Tournaments are my favorite part of the game right now. I like them more when there are color restrictions, but I don’t care if its 3,4 or 5-star. I lover them all.

Defenses are harder right now. That makes working the boards harder. That is fine because everyone faces the same problem. Even if your defense isn’t maxed out with costumes and emblems…everyone is still facing them. Any hardship you face is shared by every other player.

Remember that at their core, Tournaments are a strike-out point system. They are not raids where you are collecting cups for wins. You get rewarded for doing your best even if you lose the battle.


I can’t agree with this. Actually, the tournament is about building proper lineup to counter an opponent’s defense and about playing a board.

However, from time to time I wish I had a second attempt.

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Tourneys are actually a big eye opener for the three stars. In 3 star rush attacks, Gill-Ra, Ulmer, Jahangir, Oberon (yes him too), and other slow 3 stars rule this tournament. 3 star rush, and 3 star bloody battle are my two favs. I know one modifier I consistently do pretty good in no matter the rarity restrictions is bloody battle. It Is because for 3/4ths of my play time on my main, I have played without healers for the longest time because I never got them to show up. Only since October have they been showing up.

And tourneys are my main source of emblems.


Count me among those that love the tournaments. Oddly, I find the most enjoyment from building my defense team, lol. My goal is to always try to finished in the top 1%.


As a former professional poker player, I must take umbrage at this statement. Your examples all are heavily dependent on skill, undermining your premise. I feel qualified to say that raids require skill, given how public I have been about my raid win rate. Poker requires skill - insert relevant Rounders quote. The raid tournament requires skill, but you have to play them differently to better utilize the raid tournament special rule.

Andre the Giant

If you really feel no skill is involved, then I challenge you to post a few raid videos (regular or tournament - your choice) and see if any forum posters can find errors in your team composition or tile play. Please tag me if you do so, though I warn you that I will bring my most critical lens to scrutinize your choices (though to be fair I will also scrutinize your choice to NOT accept this challenge).


Tourneys are fun, only beef is that they do rush attack too often. I feel like 2 out of every 3 is rush attack. Just work in the other ones more often, and maybe think of a few others to put into the rotation. But yeah, I like them.

If it some solace to you, that is demonstrably just a feeling you have. We are currently in the 34th raid tournament. Counting this week’s, we have had 12 rush attack, 11 buff booster, and 11 bloody battle.


I’m enjoying the raids and before the rush tournaments, would never have thought of keeping let alone levelling my slow 3* heros. I have a new fondness for Gill-ra and Ulmer.

I agree the boards have a bit of luck to them, but team selection and manipulating a bad board, is half the fun.


If there was no skill involved you could autoplay and do just as well. I challenge you to do that next tournament and see how it goes.

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