Tournament... worthwile to max owl, azlar and Kong?

Normally they can’t win you the war but a fast Azlar alone will make me panic…

Otherwise these heroes are not of much use I think… and upping 3 heroes for just a tournament with mediocre rewards… still lot of emblems if you with first 1 %

What’s your opinion

Worthwhile for tournaments alone? NO.

Not unless you got a really deep bench and materials to spare.

That depends a lot on your roster. I only have Azlar (+12) of those three, but he’s definitely worth having for me. Also, I just lost a war flag to a right corner Owl, brought back with full mana by a lonely Alberich… So, I guess the answer to that question is relative to the rest of your bench and AM reserves.

Kong over Azlar all day long… Only in rush tournaments would I prefer Azlar (edit: maybe! In rush defence, Kong firing fast could make his Def buff useful - plus six turns DoT in a short fight may not all happen… Okay, 50/50).

I think Kong is underrated fullstop: all the useful-to-stack reds match him at average speed, his attack stat is pretty high, his AoE hits like a truck… Easy to get hung up on his ice def buff (which is admittedly niche) but even ignoring that he’s a good card.

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As a proud new Kong owner, I share your thoughts. I also have Anzogh maxed and I love him bits. It should be quite devastating team together: BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Anz are Kong.

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I quite often run BK, Wilbur, Falcon, G.Kong - all ready together and it’s just mindblowingly effective. If I had Anzogh, I’d put him in there too!

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Azlar is a good heroe, hes usefull in many place, like titan and challenge, raid tournament is not his only niche.

For context…

Pros for Kong over Azlar:

  • Sturdier 2607 Vs 2536 (maxed unemblemed, by the (2*Def)+hp rule)
  • If running with Falcon, family bonus enhances the sturdiness advantage.
  • More upfront damage (220% Vs 205%)
  • Average mana (vs slow)
  • Average mana lines up with other great reds to stack together (BK or BT, Wilbur, Falcon)

Pros for Azlar:

  • 7pts higher attack = tile damage advantage
  • Damage over time

I think Kong’s sturdiness advantage (even with Falcon) is relatively minor.
Azlar’s tile damage advantage over Kong is even more minor.
DoT at slow mana rarely reaches full effect in the current meta favouring fast hero’s and short battle durations - firing later in shorter battles makes DoT less impactful IMHO.

IMHO Kong has more chance of making an impact, often a bigger impact, better timing-synergy with other reds you’d want to stack with and that’s without considering the secondary effect at all!
That’s kinda the point really… The secondary effect looks pointless and it sometimes is - it can be nice in events and in buff booster, but even if it wasn’t there at all he’d still be the better hero.

I think a lot of people bag on Kong because Anchor’s guide gives him C…
I don’t take that guide as gospel and this is a prime example (eh: Kong gets C in buff booster despite adding a rarely duplicated buff; Kong gets C as defence flank or wing despite being sturdier, faster and harder instantaneous damage than Azlar who gets B on the wing).


Kong over Azlar almost everywhere.

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