Tournament with bad pairing

Weekly tournament continues a li.xo. The choice of teams to face the system has no logic. In the third attack I get a team of power equal to mine with a score well below to my lose. In the fourth attack I get another team with 200 more power than mine with a score equal to my loss. In the third attack another team with about 50 more power than mine, with less point than me and I win. And I lost to the team with scores of 300 less power than me, but I don’t win a team with 200 more power than me. Tournament without logic, without equitable, in short it continues a li.xo.

Moderator you don’t want me to speak in English, so arrogant !!!

I love my language with much honor you arrogant.
After pride comes the fall !!!


What on earth are you trying to say? I understand that you are frustrated, but I’m not sure why

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Maybe the mods make him losing by choosing his matches.

Everybody knows that they do. :wink:

@Olmor When you are stirring the shitpot, do you go clockwise or counterclockwise?


This reads like some old computer parts installation instructions i remember from the 80’s that were translated word for word from Japanese.

Tbh I love these kinds of posts

It gives me a chance to translate or decode.

Here goes:

Tourneys continue to be terrible

In my third attack my enemy had the same power level but the points I won were pretty low, and I lost

In my fourth attack my enemy had 200 more power than me, but I got the same score, and I lost

In my third attack the team had 50 more points than me, I won but I scored less points

I lost to a weaker team but won against a stronger team (???)

[Or I lost to both weak and strong teams(?)]

[referring to raid defence team?]

Tourneys have no match making logic, it’s terrible, it isn’t fair!

Mods you want me to speak in English, that’s so arrogant!

I love my mother tongue, you are arrogant.

Careful, pride comes before a fall…

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Why much arrogant in English speak such honor to li.xo?!? Inequitable logic pride falling!

Hey, Li Xiu can be tolerable if you use her correctly :rofl:

Now “Weekly tournament continues a dawa” that I can agree as terrible.


Hiya @Titam;

On behalf of the Mods I’d like to apologise if you feel we have insulted you in any way; the only rule I can think of applying is that the official forum language is English; so a foreign language posted in the main forum (i.e. not #foreign-languages) may have been flagged & removed.

Regarding the Weekly Tournament Matchmaking have a perusal of this thread & reply:

As this is (essentially) a duplicate thread of the following two threads I will be locking this thread; Please continue discussion on the one of these two threads:


Yay @Guvnor to the rescue with logic and compassion :+1:


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