Tournament wins not counting in hero defeated chest

This morning around 7:15am EST I revenged against 3 players before playing in the tournament so I had 15 points in my hero chest. I won all 5 rounds of the tournament, so I defeated 25 more heroes, yet my hero chest was still at 15.
I know this sounds like a minor issue, but it was frustrating.
Of course it wasn’t as frustrating as pulling Lianna in the very first costume pull before you got the hero AND the costume so now I have a useless 5* costume just sitting in my inventory making me bitter every time I look at it, but I digress.

Hiya @KORE

Checked with some alliance mates & they said it worked A-OK for them.

Best thing you can do is to create a support ticket. Click this hash-tag [ #contact-support ] for instructions on how to do that.


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