Tournament scoring issues

I believe there is a pretty big problem with the scoring in tournaments. I went 23 wins and 2 losses in this buff booster tournament and finished with a score of 15,623 points. The #1 ranked person however scored 19,103 points. On average, I got about 620 points per match and most of my matches were against defenses with fully emblemed 4* heroes. Let’s say, for instance, that I won every single one of my matches. That would give me roughly an extra (514+106)+(620+0) points to my score for a total of 16,757 points. 19,103 -16,757 = 2,346 points. So even if I won all 25 of my matches and the rank #1 guy won every on of his, there is still an enormous 2,346 point difference between our two scores. That is an insane difference especially since we were probably going up against teams of roughly the same TP. This difference really hurts a ton of players and stops people who actually deserve to be in top 1% or top 5% from being there. I really really hope SG/Zynga can fix the tournament points system so it’s actually fair for everyone.

You would not have been facing the same opponents, he has more talents on his team. Without a picture I would have to assume his troops are higher than yours so his opponents would have been stronger from the start. Besides you are in the top 1%, the rewards do not go any higher if you are in first or 10,000.

What did your defense do? The difference between an A grade defense and an E grade defense is 3500 over the week.

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My understanding is that your defense is your starting point for matching in the tournaments, after that it is based on wins. If you keep beating strong opponents you go up, you lose your opponent strength (and points) goes down.

That’s the problem though. As you can see from my pictures, I kept beating teams, but my points didnt incrementally increase at all. They stayed around the 615-630 point range.

This is the 5th opponent that I went against. As you can see, he was pretty stacked.

1st place has 19103 points. If you assume an A grade defense every day, subtract 3600 points for that (not 4500 because todays defensive points haven’t been added yet) then divide by 25 attacks, the leader averaged slightly better than 620 points an attack.

So again I believe the difference was your defense.


Your defense was E grade during all tournament I suppose. There is no issue with the score. I won 24/25 and I’m not even in the first 1000. Fair enough… due to my defense grades.

There is an issue with the calculation of defense grade though. The gap between A grade and others is too large in my opinion.

Just would confirm your defence score must be around E grade, as I have 14.897 points (top 5%) with two losts more (three of them with 0 score ) and C grade defence.

However, since the tournaments started, most player have (at least) pushed their defence crew to +20 and the troops as well. So it would be common in the next month to face full emblemed teams right from the first round.

I don’t see any problem there…
I win 25 out of 25…
But my defense went B for the last 2 days ended up at 36th… If my defense kept A I would be pretty near to the top1(I have less emblemed heroes) I would be15 points behind…

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Okay so defense score is counted every day? Maybe that’s where I got my lower score from. Even so, normally the amount of points I get from my opponents increases with each win, but in this case it stayed about the same, so why didnt it increase?

There is a wall, a max amount of points a player cannot surpass due to his/her defense TP.

You may learn all things from any weekly thread opened for tournaments. @zephyr1 posts the links of the related guides in the beginning of each thread.

Bottom line, there is no bug, this thread should be closed and all you had to do was to read the guides about tournaments and learn how they work.

I DID read them, but they weren’t very clear.

Hmmm, I found them pretty explicit…

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