Tournament Scores

There are only 17 different places in the top 100 tour ranking right now.

What do you think about that many players having the same score?

Seems legit, but…

Thoughts and/or suggestions?


It’s the first day - assuming the first 100 places have 5 wins out of 5 attacks, there isn’t that many variation possible in points obtained, especially when the opponents are given to you and you cannot re roll.


I would appreciate rule dependent points per hero for matchmaking and for scoring.

CardPower isn’t enough to classify a hero under a certain rule.

Maybe it was also nice to vary points due to the attacking team. Weaker attackers will get a bonus and stronger a malus or sth like that.


There won’t be much spread at top of the tourney until the big players get some losses and defence stats are added. I wouldn’t expect a spread until Wednesday at earliest.


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