Tournament Rules

The rules I see never apply. It will say “no healing”, then my opponent will heal. It currently says no hero restrictions, but my 5 stars aren’t allowed.

Not healing, animation is working as intended, but then a 0 healing appears, both on defence and attack. Just tested.

Plus it clearly says that is a 4* tournament, there’s no restriction on the colour of the heroes you can use.


I get that, but I never know if healing is going to works until after I start a match and I can either heal or not heal. I can’t build my defense well if I don’t know if healing works or not. It leaves me at a huge disadvantage.

This is here 24h before tournament start and for whole rest

So you see this before building ofence/defence teams


See how my screen says 5 stars are allowed? My thing is, the rules and modifiers are never correct.

That’s a list of all possible modifiers - not the ones that apply to the given tournament. Please see screenshots above (@Radar1‘s ) that detail what does and does not apply.


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