Tournament raid

I was not attacked in raid tournament in 3 days.
I think I have an A defence. How is that possible?

Hiya, it’s all a game of chance. There are chances that your defence will be smashed and chances it won’t happen at all.

I’ve tried finding a master thread on this but can’t sorry…

@zephyr1 not sure if there is one?

I think the question of @cata1967 (welcome to the forum :smile:) is aiming more on the A rating of a non-attacked defense rather than the missing attacks?! :thinking:

I think he’s saying that the defence he set was worthy of an A rank but hasn’t been attacked…?

As you and @TriNitro noted above, it’s not entirely clear what issue the OP is reporting, so I’m not sure whether this is about not having been attacked, or a bug.


Thanks for your replies.
All I’m saying is that even you spend emblems on your defence you can end up with a C defence if nobody attacks you.
I find it very strange not to be attacked at all in 3 days

One more day without any attacks on my defence.
I feel like cheated. To spend so much for a good defence and not able to prove it. I don’t even know if it is any good. :cry:

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