Tournament questions (venting a bit also)

I don’t understand the rules and the matchmaking during tournament. I am always facing the same pattern (that I find unfair) and I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone or not at this point.

During 3* tournament, I play without emblems on my heroes.

The first day, I finish 5-0.
My defense is only attack once.

Starting the second day, I am already facing multiple heavily emblemed teams.
Most of the time I finish 3-2, 4-1 depend of the boards.
My defense is only attack once.

3rd day, I am facing only full emblem teams.
I am out of the tournament or if I am lucky enough with my board, I can survive one more day then I am out. (day 4)

Do others players here are facing the same kind of experience? It’s honestly ruining a bit the fun out of it personally. I am wondering why I keep doing it (well POV for one point).
I’d be happy to hear about yours!


Same. No specific color is the most challenge one where it much depends on the board. My def is A from 1st day, 8/1 so far


Tournament matchmaking as explained by Guv:


Regarding your defence not being attacked/ much:

I see, I honestly think that “x” is raising too quickly. I’d like to face teams which are at the same level of power than me a bit longer before heading to stronger teams closer to the end of the tournament.

I also understand that SG might do this to force player to emblems whatever they would like to perform better during tournament :s

They do this to take 75 gems from you :grin:


I guess your opponents are chosen with respect to your current ranking and maybe according strength of your defending team.

Long ago I participated with my alt account in a 5* tournament with only 3* heroes available and I faced a lot of weak teams with similar strength.
After the first day my opponents got quite stronger.

Same with my main account, the better my performance the better become my opponents on the following days.

Hehe have a look at my tournament attack histories :stuck_out_tongue:

I am like you and don’t have emblems on my 3 & 4* heroes but somehow am hitting +100 emblems by day 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

1st day

3rd day.

All lost :laughing:. I don’t emblems 3* much, mostly 1st node only

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@robin102 @Guvnor
Do you like that balancing?



Sure it’d be nice to keep getting easy wins but… That’s not a challenge, nor does it really fit with the “tournament” rhetoric…

I consider it’s a challenge and accept it. The loot is not as good as I have to bother

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i was kicked Out of tournment today, SG showing me THE FINGER… on the very first 3 . yes it was 3 losses with no freaking board at all . the same atack teams, the same deffenders, ± , just didnt cam board, exactly the oposite tiles, in 10 round no tiles of mine, ridiculous…

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the tournament is the worst implemented feature of E&P.
I just dont understand how by the 3rd or 4th day I am matched with teams 400-500 TP higher than my attack team (and defense team as well), but my defense is matched with players with defense team TP (and I assume their attack teams in the same range) also higher than mine by 200-300. I get maybe my first opponent with TP lower than mine. After than it is about plus 100 TP each win.
The “best” was a couple of tournaments ago when my defense dropped 4 in a row and the 5th opponent had a defense team 500TP stronger than mine. This Guv’s “value” system doesnt explain it. If my defense team keeps losing, its value drops. then by how much does someone’s value have to drop to be matched with a team 500TP weaker? how many losses do they have to accumulate? especially when losses dont really reduced your opponent’s defense team power THAT much, so I am assuming neither they do the team’s value.

anyway, rant off. so glad they removed tournament battle challenge from PoV.

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I would like to see the matchmaking for tournaments be totally random. If I have a full roster of +20 heroes, I think it’s unfair for the game to match me against other people with similar rosters (and them with me) from the first opponent onwards.

The advantage I have over 90% of other players (assumption on my part) based on my choice to emblem my 3-stars to the max shouldn’t be eliminated by forcing me to play other strong teams exclusively.


I’m not sure how randomly you get selected to be raided against, sometimes it’s three times, sometimes twenty but the last raid I was attacked approx 60 times :pleading_face: I was only able to work it out because one of the names was funny, then the next couple of days it was no 30 so I looked at who was last raid and kept count, thought that was extreme.

Agreed. But by day 3, you should be facing only teams of equal or close power

The same…
These tournaments suck

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If your défense won it’s first attack on the first day then that puts you in A for 900 points per day that you get. You don’t need or want to be attacked anymore during the rest of the tournament at all to keep that 900 points per day score.

You seem to forget that weaker opponents give less points.
So if you want a to place high you have to beat strong opponents! :smile:

Normally in a tournament players of equal ( “performance strength” ) are paired against each other.

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