Tournament points

How tornament points is giving for each victory. How could it be that player with powerless team gets more points for 5 wins than player with more powered team.


The points depend on the teams you fought. And yes, seems there are some matchmaking issues. My normal acc had the same problem, I have a partial levelled team and faced unleveled with TP minus 400, 500 points (about 1k), that doesn’t add points.
My alt acc has 2 losses now because of stronger opponents. The team power was only a bit stronger than on my normal acc, but there I have some more 2* in the roster, not only 5.

My team power 1821 and points recieved 1674 for 5 wins…
Team with power 1730 gets 2045.

Yes, you got matched with easier opponents that bring you less points. The matchmaking is not 1:1 dependent on the team power, so someone with less TP than you can get stronger opponents with more points.

Besides, this is the first 2* tournament. I’m pretty sure won’t be so many issues related to matchmaking, at the next one. At this tournament are so many, because most players have started leveling the teams after they joined.

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