Tournament points to aliance points

Hello, Now that the tournaments are a so significant part of the game, I think it would be a good idea to add points to the aliance depending of what members do in the tournament.
For exemple:
One member of the aliance gets to end a tournament in top100. That would add 10 points to aliance score. Others would get 5 or 1 points depending of their classification in the tournament.
(or something like that).
That way people would compete not only to win stuff but to raise their aliance in the classification.
It would give a diferent and better perspective to aliances with people that began playng 2 or 3 months ago.

i know players that would like to compete in the 5* tournament and get top 100 and refuse to invest in 3* they have only few teams and none are given any talent
so adding tournament score into alliance score is a very bad idea as this is only a solo effort and they have already 1 solo achievement for the alliance score (trophies)

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Cups count is also a solo effort yet it counts towards alliance score.

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Seems u missed this part

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Bad idea.
Let those who play tournaments raise their hands only to more easily complete the hero’s chest !!!

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