Tournament points discrepancy for 3/4/5 star tournies

After examining the point system a bit I found a ( small ) inconsistency regarding how you accumulate points in tournaments.

In 3 star tournaments ( like the current one ) we get around 500 points per victory when killing a team with emblems. In 5 star tournaments this equals around 700 points.

Nothing wrong with that off course, but the defense points you get stay the same, regardless of whether it’s a 3 or 5 star tourney. This means that the defense performance in 3 star tournaments weighs a lot heavier than in 5 star tournaments.

This could be intended, or just a gimmick, but I thought I just throw it out there to hear what you guys think. Personally I’d like them to increase the defense points you get in 5 star tournaments to make up for the increase in points you get in offensive battles.


If they are the same then increasing them just scales them for everyone so I don’t see a difference. You’re just scaling them by a constant but with everyone getting the same amount the effect is the same in 3 or 5* tournaments. Unless I’m missing your point.

He is saying that an A defense in a 3* tourney comes close to guaranteeing you a top spot. Conversely an E defense will scuttle you even if you end up winning 22/25. For 4* and 5* tournies the impact of a good or poor defense will be felt, but not to the same extent. It is because the defense weighting for 3* tournies is so high as compared to the points you get for winning

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Thank you for bringing this up again. But I’d appreciate it if you don’t claim that YOU have “found a small inconsistency” and you don’t use the same numbers I used 11 days ago (in a poll in which you have voted).

Obviously, I haven’t made a discovery, but given that you’re familiar with my thread, you could’ve linked it, instead of claiming that it was all your idea.


My apologies, I didn’t remember this. Obviously you are right here that you brought it up. But accusing me of claiming this like it was my idea? Nowhere do I claim it, I just stated what I observed. And true you already had it covered ( hence my apology, apparently I drew a blank ) but your reaction seems somewhat hostile to me.

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Apologies for that.

I don’t know you so I just assumed that you were plagiarizing that thread of mine (especially the part with 500/700 points since these are not exact numbers). But I see that it was not intended so I apologise.

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