Tournament - Number of particpating players VS ranking

Hello everyone,

Not sure if this topic belong to the bug category because it is based on an hypothesis.

The hypothesis is that on the first tournament day, before you do your first attack and your score is zero, if you look at your rank, it gives an approximative idea of how many players are participating to the tournament.

For example here was my rank before attacking one hour ago:

Here, we can say that there are more than 2.1M players particpating to the tournament.
It was the case for previous ones, my rank before attacking was greater than 2M for the last 3 weeks.

If this hypothesis:

  • is true, then it seems that there is an issue in the rank calculation because generally the switch between Top 1% to Top 5% is arround rank 15k where as it should be arround 21K or even more.

  • is false, can we have at least an explanation about how is calculated this rank. I know it has no real value, I’m just curious :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading and may the tiles be with us!


I have absolutely no idea sorry @NeG.

But, who can I think of that might keep stats on this sort of thing, and offer some insight…

@ThePirateKing @Guvnor @yelnats_24.

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All I can say is this is used to be correct.

I have not observe it lately thus I don’t know if it is increased…

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I haven’t looked at this, but it certainly looks like you are correct. I always notice a drop form 1 to 5% around 14k or so. With 2.1+ million players it should be 21k.

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Seems like a bug to me. I have previously observed that when there were around 1.5 million players participating (based on the hypothesis that my intitial rank used to be around 1.5 million before starting to attack), the switch between top 1% and 5% used to happen at around 15k. But lately the numbers have increased, where as the rank shift has not changed. Definitely something worth investigating.


This likely also affects other rankings too. And anyone reading this forum knows there’s been all kinds of issues with tournament rankings for weeks now.

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This can be attributed to either by reason that there are more new players in the game or that older players (especially those who does not participate in tourneys before) tend to participate actively now in raid tourneys due to the emblem rewards at top 1%.

But that is not the point here. The point is that if there are 2 million participating players, then top 1% should mean the first 20k players. But the change from top 1% to 5% still happens at around 15k (which is like top 0.75%).


Could it be being impacted possibly by a large number of players at the bottom of the range having the same score? Meaning if it was to take top 20k it would need to take more than that due to equal scores?

The large number at the bottom doesn’t affect what percentage is at the top. If there’s 2M players opted in to the tournament, then it’s still 20,000 at the top even if 1M never change from 0.

I mean at the bottom of the 5% range eg if from 18k to 21k had the same score it may put the cutoff at player rank 17999.

That’s not how you rank. If they’re tied then they all get the higher number.

And that’s how SGG does it for world ranking too. I’ve been in a 3 way tie for 8th before. The next ranked player was 11th.

It’s how it would normally yep. Just suggesting a possible reason why it might not be pulling it all depending on how the algorithm in the system is.

Could be that they don’t actually participate and remains at 0 points… But yeah definitely would be nice to know for sure, good catch!

If there are more than 2.1 million players then top 5% should have been more than 105k rank. However, with 78k rank, I only in the top 10% bracket instead of top 5%:

I hope @Staff_SGG or @moderators can provide explanation.

Nb: that picture is taken 10 hours after the last raid flag is used, so this should not be the case of late rank update.

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We still have no answer about this situation that strongly seems like a bug.
@Guvnor can you help on this please?

I’m just a player so can’t really do anything sorry.

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Another theory is that the 2.2 million number is the total number of current players, and 1.5 million is the number who actually opted in to the tournament. So the ranking % would be based on the number actually opted in.

I hope to hear an official explanation from SG since the inconsistency calls into question the rankings awarded in tournaments in general, since these numbers sure look inconsistent, without further explanation.

Not very long ago, maybe even a 2-3 weeks ago it would show your global rank as 1 overall if during day one of the tournament you had a score of 0. Then on day 2 it would update.

I agree with what @ZyzzyxRoad 's theory is. It probably starts off with ALL players in the game. Then starting on day 2 goes into only players that finished Day 1.

Can you notify the staff?

Another theory is 2.2 million is the number of account who click join but 700k of them do not use even 1 flag so they are not counted for some reason…

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