Tournament matchups... not fun – Kashhrek is basically un-killable in Rush Attack without a lucky board

… and once again I find myself setting the game aside in disgust. 3 teams in a row with kashrekk as center in the tourney. He’s basically unlikable without a lucky board… and of course I had anything but.

Devs… is this how you want people to feel about your game?

Well, Kashrekk is one of the most common tanks on 4* level with BT, Wilbur and Boril. So the chance to meet him is not this bad, I had two yesterday and two again today.
One with pretty much emblems:

However, as there is no colour restriction, it should be doable, also with a “normal” board.

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Kasshrek is easy to defeat actually. You just should run tiles on middle and let him fire how many times he wants. He doesn’t affect you with anything. He is one of the worst tanks (for players who know the game). And meanwhile you charge your specials. The biggest mistake is to hit him with only one after you have a hero charged. Nope, since he just sits there and does nothing, run tiles on him, charge your heroes and unleash a full attack when he is empty of mana and just before the other enemies to fire.


You will be told over and over again on this thread, that he is easy to beat. Which is true if you can assemble the right team. The fact that he doesn’t punish you when he fires even means that you can set him off a few times trying to get charged. But in a very fast tourney, you can’t do that too many times, so you are subject to bad boards to a degree.

I personally would rather have faced him rather than the back to back Cyprian’s and Boril’s all up near or at max emblems. Boril isn’t too bad, but with no yellow dispeller, Cyp makes you make some choices between which kind of sub-optimal team you want to bring.


If you have 3 fire heroes and a dispeller then he will be easy to beat. Although having a bad board really tests your mettle to see if you can recover from that.

@General_Confusion When I come across a Cyprian in the tournament and I know i am packing my +5 Chao and +11 Li Xiu, I just say forget the dispeller and just dog pile him with tiles. Especially if the tank is defeated. Both my Li Xiu and Chao are tanky enough to absorb the riposte hits. If you know your hero’s strength and weakness when going against a riposte without a dispeller, then you’ll be fine.

Those are pretty low on my list to emblem - heck i haven’t even bothered to max Chao. Eventually I will, just for these tourneys - but other priorities for leveling now.

Any tank is easy if you have the right team, but sometimes the edge cases aren’t interesting enough to go after too soon.

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I’m just going to say it but try telling my defence team that it’s unkillable… I was sitting on B-Rank after Day 1 then dropped to D-Rank in day 2…

My defence features:
Kiril, Li Xiu, Kashhrek, Wilbur (+15), Proteus

He’s definitely not un-killable :stuck_out_tongue:


After you have a stacked bench, Kash gets no more consideration than any other tank.

If anything, Kash has taken a big hit in the game. He can only shine when red is allowed. Any other time he takes a back seat to Gade and Buddy as a green tank.

Well they think his unstoppable in normal raid! :woman_shrugging:


In general I agree, but in a Rush Attack tourney time is your enemy and the more you have to soak tiles the more likely the defense is going to charge their specials and nuke you (given the frequency of slow mana AOE characters in this tourney).

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First of all, most users make the mistake to set-up a rainbow team against Kashhrek (in tournaments and in raids, too). Therefore your first move is to change this set-up.

Use two, three or even more reds. Take a dispeller with you if you have got one in your roster. He/she will make it easier for you to win against that lizard guy. Usual dispellers are Melendor, Sonya, Caedmon and Sabina. All four of them are available in this tournament.

The strategy to avoid attacking Kashhrek like @Scarecrow already describes above is a great one, especially in a very fast tournament (which is it at the moment).

There are a lot more other tactics you can and should use. Mix your team and try some synergy between your heroes. There is no hero in that game who is unbeatable or nearly unbeatable (even @Olmor s two Mother Norths will lose from time to time). You just have to use several heroes together and several tactics. The balance of this game is nearly perfect so that you can beat every enemy with a lot of combination of your heroes. Just try it and don’t givew up to soon.

Enjoy the game, beat Kashhrek!

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Yes but you’re charging your tiles fast too, a lot faster than the defenders who aren’t being hit (everyone but Kashhrek).

If I don’t care how many times your tank goes off, you’re dead in the water in this tournament.


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This is rather cup dropping idea imo.and sometimes scheme to deny attackers of wining 5 heroes to fill chests.

And for Kashhrek, as mentioned already, just dump tiles at, and when ready, dispel and kill.

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Use Sonja to dispel him, by hitting somewhere out of the counterattack and then kill him with whatever you want.

Kash is a gift, believe me I exchange my 20 emblemed Colen with your kash. By far in this tourney Collen is the worst pick.

Btw im not a fan of these fast tourneys, they brake balance of the game.

Well, it seems you don’t understand, but one day I hope you will :slight_smile: Running tiles on Kasshrek it charges your heroes also. It is the better way to do it, especially at rush attack, to not charge other heroes. And his special is not a threat for you. Like I said, he is one of the worst tanks in the game (at least for me) and I didn’t lose against him since I was a newbie.

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The problem is when you only get non-hero tiles and your offensive team is not enough strong to even sustain slash attacks.

I have Kashrekk as tank and my defense score is 3 wins 8 defeats :joy:

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I get it - but stray tiles hit flanks too, most of which are slow AOE people in this config. And a bad board where you aren’t charging your heroes can happen to anyone and you can’t possibly send every tile at the tank no matter who that tank is. @Peazomanco hit the nail on the head.

I have no issue with him (I am level 70+ 2+ years in and have run the table in 4* tourneys most times) I am just saying that tile soaking doesn’t work as well for all players - I’m just trying to help them out.

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Kashrek doesn’t do anything. Actually he does nothing he is just a meat shield. Considering all of your specials are very fast it’s weird to think of kashrek as unkillable :thinking: I think Li Xiu or Hu Tao or Colen or Little John or Buddy are much better tanks in this tourney. They actually do something when their specials charge.

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