Tournament Matching

How does the process work for tournament matching? I just got wiped out by a team 810 TP stronger than me.

Not complaining. But I would like to know.

This happens to me constantly :frowning:

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Well, not 100% sure, but from my experience it works very similar to Titans:

  1. The first opponent has a little bit less TP than your team.

  2. Next opponent is a little bit stronger.

  3. Again an opponent with a little bit more TP.

  4. If you have reached the upper limit, something around 4k TP on the current tournament, the next opponents will be matched by default, think somewhere around the top 10-20%.

If you loose a fight, the next opponent will have a little bit less TP, if you loose two on a row there will be a bigger drop down.

810TP more on a 4* tournament looks like a really big difference if you compare both defense line ups, or do you mean that your offense was 810TP lower than his defense?

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Requoting from a previous thread:


I don’t find tournament matches to be fair. I usually encounter opponents that are way overpowered. :frowning:


Now I understand. Thanks.

My problem is team synergy. Which isn’t a factor when matching teams.

Of course it is.
If we take Guvnors x y system. If you win a lot your X will get higher which means your synergy or what ever you wanna call it is good. When your X goes up you will get a defense with an higher Y value meaning a team with a good synergy.

If you loose some battles your X value will drop, and you will get paired with defense teams with a very low Y value. A low Y value means this defenses were already beaten a lot and aren’t very strong or have a bad synergy if you like this term more.

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