Tournament loot nerf

so, i just noticed that limit break materials got a total nerf in tournament loot…

now you get 1 5* material MAX

One question… WHY?!

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Average is the same
Less likely to get 0 Legendary aethers
More likely to get 0 total aethers

What I said above applies to top players
But total aethers given will increase from this, especially for not top players. Seems like this brings balance. But no one seems to actually like balance.


having a chance of getting 0-3 Aethers at top 1% shouldn’t be a possibility but sadly it can happen now with the new way

I finished top 1% in this week’s tournament and only got two aethers. I feel ripped off.

You’d think they freaking learned from the outrage over the challenge event rolls. But clearly they don’t care about pissing off customers.

Why bother to do tournaments and pay gems to continue when you may get nothing for it in return? GG again SG, as usual.

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last two i was top 5 and 1 x aether only :roll_eyes::confused:

I ranked top 1 % on the last tournament and got 3 aethers. I rarely get to the top 1 % and usually for that I have to use gems so getting few miserable aethers sucks the fun from the game. And it doesn’t build any motivation to reach the best ranks on the upcoming tournaments while knowing that others may get double amount of aethers with worse rank and better luck on the prizes.

SG couldn’t care less. They are either deliberately trying to upset people or they are completely stupid. The new system is no better than the last and can easily lead to people in the top 1% getting screwed over and did nothing to improve things. It makes no sense that anyone would think it is an improvement over the previous broken system.

All they have to do is include a roll for top 1% that guarantees a 5 star aether. Then 3 more rolls that are random.

Today I finished the tournament in top 10% and to my big surprise, I only got 1x3* aether! Before it was guaranteed 3 aethers!
Now they randomized not only the rarity but also the quantity!! That’s a HUGE NERF!!

Bye-bye to spending 75 gems EVER again without even AT LEAST guaranteed amount of aethers!!

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