Tournament Loot: Guaranteed aethers

Well, enough is enough.
I am constantly doing top 1% on weekly tournaments, but since they changed the loot on aethers from guaranteed to random - which in THEORY could bring more aethers - , the loots are absolutely garbage.
This week just got 1x3* one and well… that’s ENOUGH.

My request is to come back to guaranteed aether loot as it was before!

There was a time that i could not get a single aether from 1% :rofl:

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I have changed the category to Idea and Feature Requests as it seems like an Idea for me and now people can vote for it.

I agree.
The loot is worse since the change.
I have stopped buying back in the tournaments a bit after this change as 75 gems in most times was not worth it.


Nice of you to change it, I would vote but very frustratingly I’m out of votes and I’m sure loads and loads of forum visitors are too.

They need to :up: everyone’s vote capacity.