Tournament issue – How many tiles does Very Fast take to charge for Rush Attack?

Isn’t the statement “All special skills set to very fast” in reference to mana? Because… I thought 6 tiles was it. 3 different heroes, all just short of full mana. Somehow… managed to lose to a far inferior opponent because of it. Lame.

Not going to send a support ticket, that’s a total waste of time.

It’s 6.5 tiles. 6 is with a 4* manatroop lvl11, but you can’t bring 4* troops


Well I guess that answers that.

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I don’t think my Mana was set to very fast although my opponents did have that boost.

Was wondering how I could have possibly lost 3 THREE battles today against teams 500-1000 points lower than me when I saw someone else post in FB that their Mana was not set to very fast. I had forgotten that it was supposed to be set to very fast during the battles!

I had actually counted tiles on at least one occasion with Wu and it took over 8 tiles to get his Mana up. I made 2 yellow diamonds at the very start of the battle.

Anyone else see this?

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