Tournament in path of Valor

I do not seem to be seeing the path of Valor tournament points being added at all. I played five rounds this morning And it did not count any. I am TrIxTeR the leader of Trixin Aint Eazy… I just figured I would add that because I don’t remember if you can actually see that or not. .

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Can you provide a screenshot? If you have fought all matches in last tournament and 5 in this one, yours should read Tier IV - 0/20.

Just for clarity’s sake, this is what it should look like if you have fought all battles till now (25 last week + 5 this week)


Having the same issue myself. I have logged out and logged back in but it still doesn’t show the flags I’ve used.

That is simply because your battles already counted in the 3rd tier. You fought 25 battles in the first week, and 5 today. So you fought a total of 30 battles.

So that means you completed the first 3 tiers already (5+10+15=30), and now you just unlocked tier 4. Whatever battles you do from Day 2 will start counting in tier 4.


Your attacks from today counted towards tier 3 of that mission and completed it.


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