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Has there been discussions for allowing 5* heroes at 3/70 to be used in 4* tournaments?

I believe there have been talks on this a while back, but based on what I’ve seen, a maxed 4* hero will outperform a 5* at 3.70

Reason is, 4* would be stacked with emblems, and can easily overpower a 5* at 3.70, who won’t have any emblems to help them out. They would instead have to rely on their special skills to try and survive.

There’s these two…

Each thread has bit off a different thang to it… Maybe should make [Master] 3/70 hero’s allowed In 4* tournament… @Guvnor @littleKAF :woman_shrugging:

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I think they are different enough. I’d keep as us personally. I agree with @Photon - a 3.70 would get wasted against a 4* these days.

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Yeah, a limit broken +20 Emblemed four star is better than an unemblemed maxed 5 star.

3/70 five star heroes do not have much chance against them…

I’m an odd ball. I have very few 3.70. Yes, I pull more than others. But my spending habits are still in the low side. I’m not lacking in materials, I’m lacking in heroes I’d want to ascend. So almost all of mine got straight to 4.80.

If this is allowed, it wouldn’t impact me, other than potentially having easier opponents to face :smile:.

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To me, stats don’t matter. It is skills and utility make a difference.
Legendaries have way more unique skills than epics don’t have. A 3:70 black Knight, Ludwig, ruby can still be of great use against +20 4*s

I’d posted a similar thread/idea a while ago, and it got shot down for reasons similar to those mentioned by others above… Challenge Events - Allow 3rd Ascension Heroes to Compete at a Lower Level than their Star

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