Tournament groups + the same board for all - Your opinions

Dear players,

What if the developers simply preset the same board for all players at the beginning of each new tournament (and possibly war) battle? First day of tournament - 5 battles with 5 different but identical boards. War - 6 battles with 6 different but identical boards.

Not only we all would have to focus on the right choice of heroes but also we would need to be much more careful about making as best combinations as possible while moving the tiles on those particular boards. Personally, I like the idea and find it fair.

How much do you like the idea?

As for the tournament, it would be also great if the developers created groups based on our 5 strongest heroes. For example - my defense team would have, say, 4150 TP, so I would compete against players from 4100 - 4199 TP.

Another player having for example a 3800 TP team would compete against 3800 - 3899 players.

I’d appreciate your opinions :wink:

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I think this would be abused immediately. Just think about it…one person in an alliance would attack, and then tell everyone else what color heroes to bring based on the starting board. I could just imagine: “Everyone, there’s a purple match to start the board right in front of the tank and a lot of reds on the board, stack purples and reds.” Knowing the starting board would be a huge advantage when picking what heroes to attack with…and trust me, that info would spread like wildfire.

For your second idea…isn’t that sort of what SG is trying to do at least to start the tourney? You start against similar strength teams (how that is determined appears to still be a sticking point) and then get harder opponents as you do well. I think the problem with the strict segmentation you describe, is how would you do rewards? Should the best player in the 3800 to 3899 bracket get better or worse rewards than the worst player in 4100 to 4199? Is each “bracket” going to have it’s own rewards structure?


You’re right! Thank you for pointing this out :+1:

I’m not sure, Rob. I lost to a player with almost 4230 TP in today’s tournament and I had to beat a lot of similar players in the previous one, which isn’t fair at all without a decent board. I hope they’ll fix the problem with matching opponents as soon as possible.

I was thinking about it and I have a new idea. I suggest 6 identical boards for War but they would be random, so you would know only how the last board looks like if your friends shared the preceding boards with you. Anyway you will have your weakest heroes left for the last battle, so you could lose the battle whether you know the last board or not, which means you would still need good luck to win.

The last battle would be fair to all. Moreover, you could show your skill and knowledge of your (and opponent’s) heroes while choosing the perfect heroes for that battle :sunglasses:


That’s worth considering :wink:

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