Tournament goes on after the end is announced?

I’m in the current tournament with only three 5*, of which only two are maxed, and with the increased mana rate, making you even more dependant on good fields than already is the case in normal games, I lost my fourth game yesterday. I was still in the top 1% though, so when I noticed the message on the screen saying so many hours until the tournament would END in stead of the next round, I decided it would be worth the 75 gems to carry on, try to win a few more rounds and hope to remain in the top 1%. After all, the loot is decent enough.

This morning I noticed the red cross next to the raids icon and sure enough the tournament did not end at all. I had to fight again with my weak team and to top it all off I got lousy fields and lost three more fights, tossing me out of the tournament again! This is not what I payed 75 gems for!

Okay, I really don’t care that much about the gems (it’s not that much) or about not winning (I had low expectations when I signed up), but I HATE getting tricked this way. To quote Talk Talk (remember?): Such a Shame…

On the boards it has been announced that this tournament would take 5 days.
The timer in the game is a visual bug.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1 maybe merge with the master thread?

There was a visual bug regarding the timer text - we have now fixed it. As announced, from now on the Raid Tournaments last 5 days, instead of 4.


I was also caught out by this bug. Yes, I knew the 5 day announcement had been made. But no, my life does not prioritize this game as I would if I were in a competitive sports league - it’s a game app on my phone I play in down time during the day. I didn’t specifically recall the start date (they’ve been random thus far) and I trusted the in game timer to be correct.

This one seems like a fairly impactful error on a lot of players.

The starting day has always been static and only changed this time to Monday ( and will stay on Monday as far as we know).

What do you think players have ‘lost’ by the visual bug?

See above for a specific report from a specific player.

This should have been one of the items on the checklist to take care of before implementing the change in tournament length.

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yesterday i got knocked out of tournament had 2 hits left but it said tournament ends in blank hours not next day in blank hours so decided to let the 2 go now it says not only is it still going but it also will continue another day after that just venting and wondering did anyone else do the same or similar

Yup, same with me but luckily I assumed it was a coding mistake after the switch to 5-day attacks. I was right.

good choice should of thought that as well

Even more confusing is to have yet another thread for the tournament.

Maybe a merge @Garanwyn?


Merged, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Forgetting to update the tourney’s timer sounds like such a rookie programmer mistake. Tourneys just can’t get rid of its bugs.

Btw not everything was solved, OP still lost gems on continues.

@Petri The timer now shows “Next Battle Day begins in: 14h 5m :clock1:” Instead of stating that the tournament ends in so much time. Now it gives the impression that there will be a sixth day of battles instead of ending tonight.

Extremely confusing because in the same screen it says

“Last battle day”

And also says

“Next battle day begins in:”

That is really very nice and all, but I’ll always believe the software itself over announcements. A visual bug like this is much rarer than postponed releases and last minute changes in events. When messages like this are sent, the actual situation should be checked in stead of reacting to a separate messaging calendar.

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