Tournament for the Unascended heroes

With so many of us having 4 and 5 stars sitting at 3/60 and 3/70 waiting for mats, maybe SG should consider hosting an occasional tournament for these unascended heroes.

You know, give them a bit of a chance to get off the bench, shine a little etc.

3/60 and 3/70 are ascended heroes

Thant would be awesome 1/1 virgin hero’s only
We all have them !! Waiting to be leveled !!


I can imagine 1/1 Thorne kicking butt in this tournament. Ok, maybe not but sounds fun, lol.

you are right, it should be unmaxed heroes.

but a tournament for unascended sounds good too. surely all of us have plenty of dupes sitting around doing nothing.

Such an amazing idea…so so much FUN!

Unascended heroes and unleveled troops, let the best player (or boards) win.

It would be fun unleveled heroes but ascended to 3/70 depending on who it is is still very strong

Ascended to 3/60 :wink:

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That is awesome! Those unascended heroes are strong

Unascended would be every hero within tier 1 and that would be a lot of fun, since it would make lower level players being able to compete.

I could totally get behind a 5* 3/70 only tournament.

Sure, let’s keep the game fun. I have some heroes that won’t be able to play for years otherwise!

And, unlike our previous 1 and 2 star tourneys, these heroes are already in our roster- not just taking up more precious spots.

Would lead to same issue as 1&2* tourneys which was encouraging players to level heroes they normally wouldnt

Bad idea. We saw how 1&2* tourneys went, split playerbase upon release, split playerbase upon removal