Tournament downgrade team

Is there a way to downgrade your tournament opposition to pick up less points?

And swallowing all your heroes is not an option.

For Valor points, I am lucky to make it to day 3 recent event I was facing teams 400 points higher than me after day one sometimes with multiple gravemakers and no blues.

It is almost impossible to win unless you get the board from the gods.

Personally I think tournament are terrible idea and i couldn’t care less about gaining points in them however i would like valor points so is it possible to face weaker teams for less points?

No there isn’t. You should still have a good shot of completing the tournament portion of POV even if you dont make it until the end on all tournaments though.

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Your initial teams you face is based solely on a comparison of the strongest eligible heroes in your roster

If you lose a couple battles you’ll face easier teams as after initial matching, the subsequent matching factors in your performances…

Win and you match with harder enemies.
Lose and you match with easier ones.

I go more into it here:

Well, you do have to average 15 hits, which is making it through the third day, which the original poster said he was struggling with.

I used a couple of continues. Now I need 8 attacks in the last two tournaments. I guess I overkilled it. (Guaranteed win!) Somehow got to the end of day 5 with a hit left over. Currently 1%, probably 5% by the time everybody else has hit.

Thank you for confirmation this was what I was wondering, I can win all on day one then day 2 is ridiculous in matching, and I am hoping for very good boards.

I think they need to be a bit more generous on the valor point requirements or they hope you use continues.

Oh I wasn’t sure if he was saying he had a hard time making it past day 3 in this tournaments or all tournaments in general.

But yes you’re right about the 15 per tournament average. For me the 5* tournaments can be troublesome but I always make it to the end of all 4* tournaments and most 3* so it evens out. I finished my tournament attack challenege earlier in this tournament.

You’ll only need the right attack team and bit of luck.

There’s no need to get matched to weaker defs, though it’s possible by removing emblems from allowed heroes before joining. Then reassign them after joining.

It would waiste lots of resources and wouldn’t guarantee more wins.

Go mono for a gamble if the defenses become devastating or compose a cool 3-2 or 2-2-1 att team and stick to your color combination by simply swapping some same color utility to counter your matches.

For tournament it is strongly in the favour of the defender, 400 power more tan I can field, tanks or more which you cant use a strong attacker, defence bonus.

But no I would never sacrifice emblems, I will just put it down to this is one valor I will not max.

Depends on the tourney rules. Rush attack is basically a crap shoot. If you get a bad board then it’s pretty much all over. You just don’t get the time to manipulate the board.


what JLB said. last level of tournament challenge is worth 1200 points. you have like a 2200 leeway in earching lvl 50. so do your dailies and go back to not being able to care any less about the tournament, like I do :wink:

I have never written down numbers, so maybe I’m beeing bias, but I have noticed that the difficulty of the enemies drop by 1 loss (60/70ish points) when I purposely miss 1 day or dont use all available energy. This only happens to the first opponent and after that it picks up from there the usual way of increasing the difficulty.

Like for example, yesterday I used only 3/5 energies. Last oppenent on that day was a 4526 and ended on my win, the next day my first opponent was a 4442. Having won that match, the mmr put me back to were I left the day before with an new opponent at 4568

I personally like to combo my tournament energy with the last 10 kills for my two daily raid chests. So that makes me fly 1 energy, if I win all 4 matches during the day. If you miss the first day, you can still make 16 attacks by doing 4 x day, so you “break even” for the Pov. But w/o any solid data, all I’m doing could be shennanigans that have no real meaning.

I have to say that the 5* match making is just not as solid as it is for 3* and 4*. I definitely dont have a 4600+ powered team in my roster but that is also what I was going up against in the most recent tournament.

I am rooting for a string of 3 or 4* tournaments to finish out the pov with.

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