Tournament discrepancy

I chose a team for the tournament and the team show’s up on the screen before playing the tournament but when playing the tournament all except one of the hero’s are different. How can this happen ???

Sounds weird to me. Please provide a little bit more information. Which were chosen and which appeared in the end?

Are you sure you aren’t confusing tournament defense team with the attacking team?


My heroes power doesn’t work. When heroes use their healing power, it shows Zero a freaking 0. But other team I fought heal just fine. ■■■.

Maybe you were playing in the raid tournament where healing is disabled? In regular raids healing should work just fine.


Yep healing doesn’t work in this tournament, it’s a special tournament rule and it’s intended.


Is the defense team different from what you set up yesterday? One our our alliance members had that happen today, and now their team has 3 healers in a no heal tourney. I faced a team with 3 healers earlier and thought it was strange.

Shouldn’t it be the same for other team I’m fighting? Because their healer works just fine. Can’t beat my opponents when they can heal and my team can’t. Don’t make sense.

I am sure… On screen it shows my hero’s in the tournament as, Namhage, Scarlet, Wilbur, Grimm and carver, but only carver his there when going into the tournament…

Can you make a video with opponents healing during tournament battle? It definitely shouldn’t happen. Please record a battle from the moment when draw an enemy.

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I chose my hero’s for the tournament as carver, Scarlett, namhage. Wilbur and Grimm… On the tournament screen all five show up !! But when actually going to battle raid in the tournament the only hero that shows is carver… the rest are different…

I chose Namhage, Scarlett, Wilbur, Grimm and carver… They appear on the screen as so… But when I go into the raid tournament. I only have carver… I know bane and kiril are two different members in the team to what I chose

I think when you go into the raid tournament it shows your defense. What you are seeing is your attack team which can be changed for each raid. What are your thoughts @zephyr1 ?


Faced some healers and they didn’t heal. They just provided their other skills.

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Never been different when I entered a tournament before… The team I have chosen as always been the same

Oh I definitely believe what you’re saying. A screenshot would definitely be helpful to help us figure it out. Just let us know when you can get one and good luck.

How do I get screen shots ???
When on Facebook all I have to do is press on the screen and it gives me a option. On the site it doesn’t let me

On Android you can press
Vol down + on/off
or choose it right from the settings menue.

There are also apps which can do screenies, eg Screenshot light.

On iOS it’s
Vol down + home

On your PC it is
ctrl + print

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Oh, boy! Didn’t you read the rules?! All healing and resurrection are disabled for this tournament… If you sent healers to the battlefield, or worse, you used them on your defense, they are just a waste of space, unless they are there for the secondary ability, like the attack boosts of BT and Kiril or the cleanse / debuff of Rigard / Sabina / Melendor…

I did not put kiril in whomever set it up on the system did that happen? I already said what the team should have been… Carver, Wilbur, Scarlett, namhage, and Grimm. The system as changed all but carver for other hero’s including Kuril and bane. Which I did not choose…

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