Tournament Defense Team letters hidden on iPad

Take a look at the screenshot from the above post. Note that the “To” of the world tournament is cut off by the team power box. And also the “am” part of the word Team.

This occurs on my wife’s iPad only.

maybe the game isn’t completely supported by her screen size but im not sure sorry.

the game works well on her screen, it’s just a visual bug :slight_smile: I’ll submit a support ticket, though this would qualify as a trivial issue since no gameplay is affected

Definitely bizarre, my old iPad4 does okay. I get some weird flashing artifacts at times and the two speed game play is annoying. Sadly, I think I must be connected to a US game server as the 300 ms ping is awful, but the 500ms+ is just comical. At ‘turbo’ speed it is really playable entertaining and fun. If only they listed their game servers so I could set up a static route.

@DaveCozy I suspect the devs would find it helpful to know exactly what model iPad this problem occurred on.


I’m not trying to be smart, but I never had much time for gaming till this year and to SGG’s credit they do only say they try to support iOS 9.x and I’m running 10.4.5 (which I can’t upgrade past). My Chinese Android phone doesn’t even want to know . (Never buy a no name phone from China they use hacked firmware and they just don’t work right. Ebay is an excellent place not to by a phone).


I’m seeing this on their website:


I have to assume it is my technology then, but is it normal in slow mode to be able to count seconds while the tiles crawl up the screen and then have a ocaissional awesome mode where everything is 4 times faster?

Just fyi, I have switched off everything to boost performance and to an extent it may have worked.

I have thought about using the Android simulator on my Mac but my last experience was that it can only do one thing well. Crash at ramming speed.
Take care.

No, I’ve never heard of such a problem. What hardware and software are you using?

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I’ve never seen the word “screenshot” used so literally; an actual picture of your iPad screen

Hi, thank’s for your time but please don’t waste any more of it on my account. I realise that no-one can be expected to memorize a strangers comments , especially one with my bad reputation. iPad 4, iOS 10.4.5 (there was a an update a couple of weeks ago for legacy hardware; I planned to upgrade the iPad when the battery died but after more than 5 years it still has 92% of its original capacity. I’d kept all my legacy hardware until my sister threw out my old PC’s doing me a favour. I have not spoken to her since. At 57 my sister has a malfunction.

Following this upgrade which was in no way advertised as performance related but installing ‘hardwired in’ notifications was an irritating performance sucking bonus.

I spent some hours running diagnostics and found my ISP probably takes more than half the blame, with caching and burst transfer once a second or less. Apples update cured a shocking memory management issue and performance now is fairly even albeit not good. The “physics module” whatever that is just crashes after about 45 seconds of intense activity.
One thing I’m fairly sure of (~99%) is that SGG is not the culprit.

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