Tournament defense bonus?

So here’s my concern about the defense bonus points summed in 1 question:
Shouldn’t there be a minimum amount of defenses before one can be labelled in one of the defense bonus categories?

To explain shortly, if I only get attacked once, simple maths gives 2 options, either win or loss, then 0% or 100%, seems pretty unfair if you’re to defend against “Lucky McLuck”
If you’re supposed to get ranked on your average win/loss ratio, then IMO, there should be a minimum data to get that average (from my dictionary, 2 is the minimum), I’d say 4 would be fair :

  • since every player gets 5attacks, and taking out inactive ones, I think 4 defense/day is realistic
  • this seems fair enough, not to be too low and get lower bonus if you got unlucky ; and not too high that some players would get cut out.

Hope this is clear enough to be discussed.

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